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 3327 Bear Ody and 3328 Jenny Oprah

3328JennyOprahand 3327BearOdyBFP

Why Adopt A Pair?

The term “bonded pair” indicates a duo that are strongly attached and strongly encouraged to be adopted into the same home together. Separating a bonded pair can lead to anxiety issues in one dog or both which is not good for either dog.

In addition to information that may have been shared at the time of surrender, GRRMF assesses the dogs during their time in foster care. “Bonded pairs” are two dogs that have a very close relationship. When a pair of dogs this strongly connected are surrendered and fostered together,  the chances of them thriving and achieving happiness in a “forever home” setting is higher. That means a lower likelihood of “acting out,” whether through destructive chewing, potty accidents or even excessive whimpering and whining. In being adopted as a duo, the dogs already have a piece of comforting familiarity in an otherwise new and possibly daunting atmosphere.

Any two dogs can be part of a “bonded pair”. They may have spent significant amounts of time together, particularly from a tender, early and impressionable age. The “significant time” can be since birth to six months to five years. The time frame varies as all dogs are different. Regardless of whether two pets are technically family, keeping them together may be the recommended option and in their best interest.

Dogs that are bonded often depend on one another to handle new and uncertain situations. They can rely on each other as well for comfort in frightening circumstances — think about the drive from the rescue to a new home, a trip to the veterinarian’s office, or a thunderstorm. When around other pets, they can rely on each other to help out with social and interactive behavioral hints. Lastly, being together all of the time can provide nonstop entertainment — a constant playtime companion and entertainment for sure for you and your family!

When we accept a bonded pair from a shelter or surrendered by a family, we evaluate first, and if they are bonded, they are adopted into a loving family as the team that they are.

Please consider the benefits of adopting a pair.  If you are ready to double your pleasure and double the fun, apply to adopt a pair today. You will be so glad you did!

3352 Diego Drew and 3353 Dora Dottie

3353Dora Dottie and 3352Diego Drew


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