Thank You Reunion Volunteers!

A Golden Thank You

Thank you to all who helped in the planning for months before the reunion and the participation on February 18, 2017 to ensure a wonderful day was had by all!

2017 Reunion Coordinators

Barbara Burgner – Welcome Table
Marty Burke and Erin Bobko – Raffle and Silent Auction
Dave and Cindy Dillman – Doggie Games
Michael Eliassen – Photo booth
Carol Forsberg – Reunion
Bill Lawrence – Site, Food, Equipment and Cadet support
Ellen Lawrence & Barbara Durham – Golden Goods
Kim Marsh – vendors for Golden Goods

Donated time and talent to lead an event!

Shonna Bender – Reiki and Massage
Katie Obringer – Training
David Nixon – Blessing of the Goldens
Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion – Lakeland Cadets – Your support was priceless again this year

Awesome Volunteers!!

Donna & Michael Auger
Melanie Bontrager
Kim Cascio
Cathy & Marc Christy
Sarah Davis
Taylor Denson
Marie Dill
Samantha Dill
Bert Haker
Kathleen Hanley
Carol Harvest
Lyn & Barry Holliday
Cindy Kahn
Cynthia Knopka
Lysee Kierstein
Amanda Ridge
Renee Solum
Nancy Swift
Ellen Steiger
Mary Anne Tradelius
Susan Tucker
Ginger & George Vincent
Clark Woods


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