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Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic all our events were cancelled and our facility visits suspended for most of 2020. As we start to see some improvement and confidence in our communities, facilities are starting to open outside visits following the CDC guidelines and we are accepting invitations for outside therapy visits from facilities, schools, universities etc. with safety protocols in place for outdoor contact with dogs and their handlers.  If you wish to request a Hearts of Gold therapy visit, click this link for your request.  You will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

We have kept our therapy teams together and busy.  They so desperately want to get back to work and visit their people again!  Please visit our latest news page to see what our teams have been up to during this down time.


First Fridays of the Month:

The East Coast therapy team will be visiting the Fountains of Melbourne on the first Friday of each month starting with Friday, April 2, 2021 at 10:30 am.   We will be outside behind the main building in the pool / garden area. Mask and hand sanitizer protocols are still in place and please wear your logo shirt and vest for pup.

If  you have any questions, please contact:  Darla (cell (951) 897-0320) or Ginger at:


Saturday and Wednesday mornings (May 1st through June 12th):

Our Hearts of Gold teams have been invited to participate in special programming opportunities on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, 10 am to 12 noon, at Heritage Village, located at 11909 125th Street N, in Largo.  The Read Program for SPACEcraft is a collaborative venture.  To learn more about the program, click this link:

If  you have any questions, please contact:  Darla (cell (951) 897-0320) or Ginger at:



The West coast therapy team will be holding a springtime photo shoot. We will meet on April 17 at 11am near shelter 7 at Phillippe Park.

If  you have any questions, please contact:  Darla (cell (951) 897-0320) or Ginger at:



- Want To Adopt -

If you are writing us about adopting a dog and do not have an adoption application on file with us, use this link to review our policies and process and complete an application.

If you have completed our adoption application, and/or have another inquiry, please use the email link to contact us.

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