Zeke Major’s Success Story

Zeke Major’s Success Story

Zeroing in on Zeke who rules his loving family’s heart and home with a tender touch.

His mom eagerly admits that they we were so happy GRRMF had chosen them to be Zeke’s forever home. They were so excited to meet him that the drive to his foster mom’s house seemed endless. But when they saw him and saw how friendly and handsome he was, they knew he was the right one for them.  


The drive home went smoothly with Zeke sitting like the king he is! In fact, he still does that today as he sits on the couch next to his mom wanting his belly rubbed. If she stops, he’ll take his paw and place it on her arm for more.


Originally, her husband had wanted to adopt a golden retriever while she had wanted a goldendoodle. Now her husband and Zeke are best friends and he’s madly in love with him. Her husband can’t make a move without Zeke following him: they’re attached at the hip. In the early mornings, her husband will throw a ball to him, and Zeke, being a fast runner for a dog of 11, easily catches it.

His favorite activity is going for rides in the car. Wherever his parents go, Zeke goes with them, and is always the first one at the door whenever he’s asked, “Zeke, do you want to go for a ride?” Exceptionally polite, he won’t go out the door to the backyard unless he’s given the okay, nor will he go out the front door until he’s leashed and ready for a walk. And he always sits when he’s given a treat.


Famously fond of squeaky toys, Zeke’s parents keep them in a basket, and he’s usually taken all of them out by the end of the day, happily tossing them into the air and amusing his parents at the same time. A surprisingly agile “soccer player,” Zeke uses his feet to move around a circular wheel-type toy in order to get it in his mouth, then throws it high into the air! But he truly keeps his parents in stitches when he runs from one end of the house to the other prancing like a horse and then playing with his toys.


In short, Zeke, so sweet, so silly and so special, has brought so much joy and love into his parents’ lives that they can’t imagine being without him.


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