Daphne Doris’s Success Story

Daphne Doris’s Success Story

Golden DeeDee, formerly known as Daphne Doris, is doubly delightful, doubling the delight of her adoring adopters!


Her parents were thrilled to have a golden in their lives again, especially DeeDee because she’s so irresistible, so well behaved and so sweet. They knew she was “the one” when they saw her on the website since her name was Daphne Doris. Why? Daphne is the name of their granddaughter and Doris is the name of a very close, dear friend. So as not to confuse things, they renamed her DeeDee.


The first night her parents had her, she jumped the hall gate to join them in their bedroom, and she’s been sleeping in their room ever since. They dote on her, and deservedly so. DeeDee has never barked. She welcomes everyone at the front door when they visit. She LOVES people as much as she herself LOVES being loved. She also loves being brushed.


Despite her arthritis, which is controlled by medication, DeeDee is admirably active, and thanks to her love of walking, she keeps her parents active and healthy. When they sit at the table to eat dinner, she politely keeps her distance, just watching them and never bothering them.


As much as DeeDee likes going for rides in the car, she doesn’t like large dogs (she does, however, like sniffing little dogs). And although she doesn’t swim, she lies on the deck like a loving protector and watches her family in the pool. 


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