Clementine Olana’s Success Story

Clementine Olana’s Success Story

Once past her initial shyness, Clementine showed her excited parents that she was equally excited to be HOME!

While the family’s three cats were, of course, “put out” by her energetic and frenetic presence, their daughter was thrilled to have a young puppy to play with. And needless to say, Clementine’s mom was elated at being able to return to her old routine of walking the neighborhood twice to three times a day.

The cats soon adopted Clementine as their sister, and Robbie, their alpha cat, “trained” her on how to behave around them. Every now and then, however, Clementine likes to “twerk” at the cats just to make sure they still love her!

What makes Clementine especially endearing is the way she tilts her head when she’s trying to understand what her parents are saying. It’s the CUTEST thing, according to her mom, because her ears have crimped fur so that she looks like an 80’s pop star asking, “Who let the dogs out?”

She’s also a lot of fun to play with and very, very silly! She loves her tug toys, especially her badger and her Kong tugger. And, last but not least, she’s very smart: maybe TOO smart. She understands how to behave but knows that she can get more attention by NOT behaving.

Although her two favorite activities are going on walks and playing with her tug toys, she LOVES DOING THE ZOOMIES!  Whether it’s around the backyard or, better yet, around the living room, Clementine is always in motion! She also loves going to the weekly farmer’s market at Lake Eola.

As for her silliest moment? Clementine was visiting her mother’s parents one hot day, and as her mom and grandfather were walking slowly towards the pool, her mom turned and said, “Here, Clementine, come in the pool,” when she cannonballed into it before her mom even put her toes in! She paddled around as her mom helped her out and shook herself all over the family. She then launched into the zoomies, and awhile later, dove in again.

Clementine took an 8-week-class at the Orlando Dog Training Center for Beginner Dogs, worked hard and still remembers many of her lessons. Not only is she well behaved (for the most part), she’s safe while out on her daily walks.



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