Our special reunion day

Thank you so much!

It was a golden day at our 2016 Annual Rescue Reunion on February 20th in Lakeland, FL!  Thank you to all of our friends and family who came to share your love of goldens,  our volunteers who helped tirelessly, our raffle and silent auction donors who made for great fun and a successful fundraiser for us and our special financial sponsors who made the day possible!

We have started to post PAWESOME pictures taken by our photographers Lysee, Renee and Rick. Click here to see our 2016 GRRMF Reunion album. More to come over the weekend so check back often!

Our golden media roving reporter Susan surveyed the goldens as to their favorite part of the reunion and here are some of their responses:

StormyStormy – Dog Olympics was the BEST EVER! Of course the fact that I medaled in agility helped. I really like the caricature, too – it caught my best features. And I’m looking forward to winning those Disney tickets – do you think I might meet Pluto?

Gunner – The massage was my favorite – I couldn’t wait to jump up on that table and all that noise I was making was me showing my appreciation. This was my first reunion but it won’t be my last!

HoneyHoney –Did you see me win first place in the Popcorn toss? Did you? AND I got third place in biscuit bobbing. I can’t believe they gave me all those treats for free!

Dana – I’m very proud of my 1st place in biscuit bobbing and 2nd in popcorn toss-not bad for a 14 year old.Dana

Tanner – Well, if they had a “drool off” I would have won while I was on that massage table!

Ella – You just couldn’t beat (dare I be indelicate) sniffing butts!

Butt sniffingBo – I just loved seeing all the other dogs. And I’m pretty proud of my 2nd place agility among the older crowd.

Sandy – Lunch! And my Mom’s favorite was the Pet Blessing. I sort of liked that, too.


CadetsStella – The massage really mellowed me out so I was ready to sit still for my caricature (adorable, if I do say so myself) and then those Cadets were SO MUCH FUN! They gave me so much loving that I wanted to take them home with me!


These sentiments were echoed throughout the day by goldens and owners alike – it was such fun meeting other golden families and Peacesharing stories and treats. There were few squabbles and those were quickly settled. The afternoon brought fun trips to the toy corral, reunions with foster parents and puppies and hugs all around.




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