Trooper Maverick #4166

Trooper Maverick #4166

Age: 12 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 78 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Don’t let his age fool you, Trooper may be a grandad in years, but in true golden retriever fashion he is still full of spunk and playfulness and will win you over with his first toy share. He recently came to GRRMF due to changes in his family’s dynamics and according to his foster mom, he is having no trouble settling in to his new environment.

Trooper likes being part of a family, and if he’s not getting enough attention, he will let you know it. “Above all, Trooper is a lover not a fighter,” says his foster mom. “He likes his head and belly rubs, ear tickles and overall massages. But if he wants more, you will get the big nose nudge of encouragement under your hand to keep going.”

At 12 years young, Trooper is dealing with a mild skin infection and arthritis, both of which he is currently taking medication. He walks with a little limp, but the Dasuquin does give him some relief. Although walks are short, he loves being outside on the lanai, or in the fenced-in backyard, sunbathing and watching (not chasing) the birds and squirrels.

Light cream in color, Trooper is very alert mentally and enjoys being talked to, and shown what to do, by both his foster mom and brother. But what does Trooper love most? Eating, of course! He knows the sound of the refrigerator and dog food canister opening. He isn’t shy and will give you a soft “woof” should he want more kibble. But if you happen to miss his request, he’ll go full on (gentle) coyote – head back and all!

Like the easy-going fella he is, Trooper gets along just fine with people and children of all ages. He is house trained and will go in a crate for short periods of time.

Trooper would love to share his golden years with you, follow you around the house, lounge on your lanai, or explore your backyard on his own. He’ll be happy to nap on his bed, or the couch, or wherever you are.

A loving family is what he is looking for, could it be you?


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