Titan Sonny #3568

Titan Sonny #3568

Age: 11 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 90 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

This old gold came to GRRMF when his owner could not give him the attention needed due to a busy work schedule. Titan seamlessly adapted to his foster home and fit in easily with his new foster mate.

Titan has learned that his foster sibling doesn’t always like to share toys and Titan will find something else, such as a bone, to keep himself occupied. He is a big mush ball who loves to receive extra belly rubs.  If you are not paying attention to Titan, he will give you his (massive) paw to let you know he is there and wants some TLC from you and is very receptive to receiving loving kisses all over his face from his foster mom.

Good leash manners are not a strong suit in Titan’s world.  He is not a very good walker on lead, however, Titan has made some improvements since a harness was introduced.  Being a smart boy, he is an eager learner, picking up quickly on voice and hand commands.

Titan is a sweet boy who likes to be near his humans. He enjoys soft music and will often fall asleep while listening. If Titan needs something he has no problem vocalizing his request. Be ready with a towel when this boy drinks, because he is a very messy drinker!

He enjoys going for car rides, meeting new canine buddies while walking, or just hanging out at home.  He is a very easy going dog who just wants to be loved.  This old gold is an all around sweet boy who would make a great addition to your family.