Tess Augustina #3564

Tess Augustina #3564

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 75 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Meet our girl Tess, whose owner’s last wish was that she be placed with GRRMF knowing we would find a loving forever family for their sweet girl.  This sweetie would truly be a gift for someone who wishes for a special companion.

Tess is a quiet gal who patiently waits for belly rubs and enjoys lounging around the home or watching you work in the backyard.  Her face is so expressive when she tilts her head and twitches her ears.  She was raised with good house manners, knows her commands and is working on being a better hostess when friends visit.  You don’t need to ask twice for Tess to join you for a car ride as she will eagerly hop right in to cruise the neighborhood, or to run an errand – just being in the car is her favorite activity!

Tess has already lost more than 15 pounds after receiving a healthier diet and is currently on pumpkin and kibble food to help her regain her girly waistline.  Her activity level has increased with the recent weight loss and Tess enjoys frequent walks and is beginning basic agility.   She was unimpressed when her foster family bought a kiddie pool for water play but surprised everyone when she ran into the surf at the beach and enjoyed swimming.  Being a golden blend with stand up ears, our sweet Tess has no ear problems.

Tess has been working with a GRRMF trainer to build her confidence around other dogs and has made great progress, calmly passing canines on her daily walks.  Her personality is blossoming and her tails wags all the time.  She doesn’t seem much interested in cats.  Her foster dad reports that every day she  just looks the cats over and then walks away.  She prefers spending time with her humans and being the center of their world and would rather be the only canine in her “fur”ever home.

Our sweet gal has a beautiful smile and a pure heart.  Tess would love to be your companion and enjoy quiet morning chats and gentle guidance in her everyday environment.