Taja Jillie #4078

Taja Jillie #4078

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Hearted

Weight: 45 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

We knew there was something very special and different about Taja when she arrived in our rescue. Her stunning eyes, unique hair doo and personality caused us to explore her family tree. We don’t run DNA testing but for Taja we made the exception to help her. Guess what!  Taja is a Doberman Pincher (with a little extra several generations ago)!  Welcome to your Golden Retriever rescue village  Taja!  Our foster family and trainer have been working with Taja to learn about her personality and special needs and we have outlined what we have learned below.   Also, we recently reached out to Dobie Ranch Rescue who posted Taja for their followers. We also learned there is a long haired “coated” Dobie. Could that be our Taja? Through their rescue post, we are making contact with new families who think Taja may be the right match for them. Thank you Dobie Ranch Rescue!

That is what we look for with every dog we place…a family who can provide for our dog’s needs in a loving forever home.  We feel that she would best be matched to a foster or adopter  who can continue to work with her and understands her specific breed needs.

If you have an interest in Taja, here is the link to the adoption application for her.  If you are already a GRRMF approved adopter on our waiting list,  you can contact your adoption administrator about Taja.

What we have learned about our special girl:

–  She has a high prey drive: small dogs, cats

–  She loves to spend as much time sniffing in the yard as she can and ignores everything when she does

–  She loves loves loves people and looks for attention

–  She is not aggressive toward people and has not bitten anyone – nor acted like she would – despite being very shy when she arrived.

–  Despite her size she is strong on a leash

–  She very much acts like a puppy and is jumpy

–  She loves to do zoomies and play with the big ball in the yard

–  She does not seem to be treat motivated (some treats upset her digestive tract)

–  She has consistently shown barrier reactivity but once outside an enclosed area she barks but doesn’t lunge toward the other dogs. Owner’s knowledge of force free training introductions to other dogs is essential for Taja’s comfort.

–  She is crate trained and house trained

–  She takes medications well

–  She doesn’t exhibit storm phobia

–  She knows several commands and learns quickly

–  Recently introduced to educational treat puzzles, she figured that out in no time uncovering each special prize…the kibble she loves!

Taja is such a smart and wonderful girl who deserves the best life has to offer.  Are you that loving forever family for her?




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