Sunday Jag #3590

Sunday Jag #3590

Age: 13 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 72 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Update 4/26/18

Sunday “Domingo” Jag came to GRRMF after his family lost their home in a hurricane.

Sunday Jag #3590Sunday’s first few days and nights in his new foster home were rough. When he arrived, this sweet boy had some medical issues that were making him feel bad. Thanks to the great care and treatment he has received through GRRMF, our veterinary partners and a loving foster family – his conditions have cleared up and he’s now on the mend and ready to go to his ‘fur’ever home. He certainly hasn’t let these problems slow him down! He behaves like a golden several years younger and is ready to have fun all the time.

This adorable guy loves to go for walks! He even has his own special routine – every time he goes out for a walk, he makes a full circle inside the garage first then comes back and sits so you can put his leash on. He enjoys going for rides in the car too but might occasionally need a boost getting into a high vehicle.

Sunday loves playing with his tennis ball. His foster mom reports that even though there are at least twenty tennis balls in the house, Sunday has a favorite one! He likes to run after the ball and play fetch but doesn’t always bring it right back. He’s quite interested in chasing cats, so a forever home without cats would be necessary. He doesn’t mind the other dog in his foster home but would probably be happier as the only pet.

He’s not just smart, he’s bilingual! Sunday was raised in a Spanish-speaking home and actually responds best to the name Domingo, the Spanish word for Sunday. He lights up whenever he hears someone speaking Spanish. His foster mom has been teaching him English and he now responds to the commands “sit”, “wait”, “down”, and “no” in both English and Spanish.Sunday Jag #3590

He’s fully housebroken, enjoys being brushed, and loves getting a bath. He’s a bit nervous in thunderstorms and will either stay close to you or find a comfy place to curl up until the storm passes.

If there’s anything Sunday truly adores, it’s eating! He loves to join you in the kitchen and is particularly fond of raw green beans and cottage cheese. He’s been known to steal food from the counter tops so his new forever family will need to keep food out of his reach and continue to work with him on not counter surfing.

Sunday is independent and doesn’t mind being in a room on his own while you’re busy elsewhere in the house, but he often gets curious about what you’re doing and will come visit you to investigate. He likes getting affection and will lay on his side so you can give him plenty of rubs and attention.  Despite his age, he’s full of energy and always ready to play! He behaves like a golden half his age and is always ready for fun times.

Sunday is a delightful boy who would be overjoyed to find a forever family to play fetch with him and shower him with love! If you are ready for love and want to brush up on your Spanish speaking skills, this just might be just the right the guy for you!