Scramble August #3560

Scramble August #3560

Age: 12 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 72 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This handsome and sweet senior found himself homeless after twelve years because his owner didn’t want him any longer.

UPDATE from Scramble’s foster dad:

Scramble’s life isn’t just hourly eye meds.  He plays everyday in the yard with his sibling 7 year old golden jumping and spinning with her like a puppy.  He is totally housebroken and lets his foster family know it’s time to go out by going to them and nudging their arm.    

Reflectors on the stairs make it seem like he can see, but he practically crawls down stairs without reflectors,  Night time and dark hallways confuse him but he isn’t afraid to follow his family anywhere.

He is very easy to medicate whether it’s eyes or pills.  If his eyes bother him he rubs his head on us and his family takes care of it.  He is exploring taking naps on the sofa but spends the night in the bedroom on a dog bed,  He is eating much better and getting along with the cats.  He notices movement – but when it stops he can’t find it, including dropped treats – this comes in very handy when it’s a lizard.   

He is a very happy sweet soul who is very young at heart.   He plays with toys and is not destructive but enjoys hearing the squeaking.  Grooming is a pleasure for him and he is OK with nail trimming, feet trimming and brushing,  He doesn’t appear to have any arthritis.

Scramble is searching for a very dedicated family to adopt him.


Scramble greeted his new foster family with tail wags and a happy loveable smile. He gets along well with his golden siblings and loves playing with them in the yard. He is so tall, that his canine sister can run right under him without ducking. To date he is ignoring the family cats.  He enjoys meeting big dogs and is very friendly with them.  Little dogs are more of a challenge for him with his field of vision not as sharp – perhaps making them a not so pleasant an experience for him.   

Squeaky toys, car rides, naps and walks around the yard are the simple pleasures that make him happy.  He knows how to shake paws and will put his foot on his humans to get their attention.  This sweet boy will even lean on his family members to let them know that the light is a little dim and he could use some guidance.

Scramble can see much better now than when he first arrived in GRRMF, thanks to the wonderful medications including drops that his foster family gives him.  If something is moving he can see it, unless it is very small, like a lizard.  Although he will always have somewhat limited vision and dry eye syndrome – the eye medications provide enormous assistance for this handsome boy.

His foster family is working with him on socialization skills with animals and people –  because of those long legs of his, he tends to be a jumper and is over the top excited to meet everyone.  He knows his basic commands and has the most amazing patience when it is time for his eye drops.  With a gentle command of “Let me see”, Scramble sits quietly while his eyes are cleaned and medicated.  His foster mom swears he smiles when she says, “Good Boy”!  It is helpful for him if people speak up as he tries to assimilate what he hears with what he sees.  

Although he has a vision impairment, he knows love is in the air,  even when it is a mile away.  Scramble is looking for a very special family who will surround him with love and care along with patience to give him his eye treatment regimen so that he can be at his very best.

If you are the one for him, please get your application in today!