Scooter Nik #4232

Scooter Nik #4232

Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 87 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

When most dogs are dreaming of new toys, chew sticks and playing fetch with their families, Scooter will be dreaming of running and playing like any normal dog could do. Unfortunately, Scooter’s walking and running are limited right now as he has been diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia; meaning the ball and socket of the hip joint do not fit together properly.  This condition causes pain due to the abnormal motion which stretches and strains the muscles, ligaments and joint capsule around the hip. Scooter will be facing two hip surgeries during the first part of this year. 

Scooter came to GRRMF when his owner passed away and the family could no longer care for him. His joyful attitude and zest for life shines bright as he tries, everyday, to run and play. Sadly his hips and excess weight hold him back from enjoying the life he should have.  Scooter will have a femoral head osteotomy (FHO) performed on both hips to alleviate his pain and allow him to live a normal life (with some athletic restrictions).  The procedure removes the bone on bone grinding that causes severe pain and will allow the surrounding soft tissues and powerful gluteal muscles to support the hip.  

While Scooter is awaiting surgery, this super guy is working on being the “Biggest Loser” on his diet and is enjoying belly rubs, car rides, grooming, playing with his toys, walks, rolling in the grass, taking in the sunshine and meeting new people and dogs in the neighborhood.  Oh yeah, his foster mom throws in some lessons on sit, down and come too!  

Scooter gets along great with his foster golden buddy. He’s house trained, is trustworthy without being in a crate, can entertain himself with his toys, and loves to explore and meet new people. He hasn’t met any children or cats yet but chances are this loving boy will be good with them when they are properly introduced.  

The outdoors is his happy place and he loves to be in the sunshine as much as possible; sometimes he even protests coming inside by planting his butt on the ground, laying down and rolling over as if to say – no, no, no -please let me stay here! Once inside, he receives plenty of loving, which is pretty good too!

Scooter is a sweet boy who deserve the chance to have a healthy, happy, fulfilled life.  GRRMF is grateful to all our generous donors that help dogs like Scooter regain their health to live full lives in their forever homes.  Your donations are appreciated and needed for GRRMF to continue the outstanding care we are able to extend to these beautiful dogs.


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