Sam Oren #4005

Sam Oren #4005

Age: 4.5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 67 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


“I Am Sam – I -Am!”  This young boy may not be able to get you to eat green eggs and ham but he just might steal your heart!  His foster dad proclaims that he has had eight female Golden Retrievers and Sam is the most affectionate dog of them all.  

Not only  is he affectionate but he is interested in other animals. Sam watches the ducks on the pond but hasn’t chased them, shows respect to the neighbors small terrier and enjoys watching animal shows on the television.  He’s especially fond of belly rubs, car rides, walks and delights in playing with his toys.

Sam has been diagnosed with heart worm disease, a potentially life threatening disease if it is not treated.  A series of shots, bloodwork and follow ups with need to be administered for the next four month before Sam will be cleared for adoption.  All the while, this young boy will need to be kept calm with low level activities.  Sam’s prognosis is good, with the proper treatment and rest, he will once again be able to enjoy his life.  

Although Sam’s activity level will be limited, he won’t be bored.  He will be working with a professional trainer who will teach him appropriate behaviors and manners. Even though he has some work to do, his foster dad says “ he has an impressive recall, I call him from the back door and he returns to me instantly.”  At this time, Sam isn’t a fan of his crate, he has separation anxiety when he is left alone.  He has been working on this with his trainer and is showing improvement.  

Sam hasn’t been introduced yet to children, cats or many dogs; this will be accomplished in time.  For now this diamond in the rough will be working on turning himself into a real gem. With your generous support for our Healing Heart dogs and GRRMF’s dedicated professionals and volunteers, dogs like Sam will be able to find their loving, forever homes.

I am Sam – I – am!
I won’t make you eat green eggs and ham.
I’m a young dog who sometimes acts like a ram
But soon I will be as sweet as a lamb.
All I need is some training you see,
Then I bet you will fall in love with me!


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