Rosemary Sandy #3859

Rosemary Sandy #3859

Age: 10 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 61 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption



Update:  January 22, 2021

Rosemary just past her final Heartworm test and she is Heartworm FREE! She has been officially adopted by the loving family that has been caring for her through her heartworm treatment.  She will be starting a wonderful new life with lots of fun and tender loving care. 

GRRMF is so happy for this sweet girl and we know that “love grows where our Rosemary goes and nobody knows like SHE!!”

Many thanks to all her supporters, professionals, volunteers and her new family.


Update: December 24, 2020

Was it Santa that Rosemary heard? Nope! It was her forever family arriving to bring home for Christmas. 

There are many miracles this time of year and one of them is a special gift which was given to our sweet Rosemary. A loving family saw this beautiful Healing Hearts/Sanctuary girl, she touched their hearts and it was love at first sight.  They wanted to give Rosemary a forever home so they could love her and take care of her for the rest of her life.Miracles do happen, special miracles- tonight, tomorrow and forever.  If you believe and share the love and kindness that is in your heart, as Rosemary’s new family showed to her, there will always be hope for better days ahead.  We love you Rosemary – and so does your loving forever family!

“Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.”


Update:  December 17, 2020

Due to her medical issues, GRRMF has voted for Rosemary to be one of our Sanctuary dogs. But, wait – – – -Rosemary heard someone special was coming to see her – – -who could it be?  Then she heard a click, click, click – – – is it Santa????  Stay tuned to find out!


Update:  November 23, 2020

Rosemary’s surgery results showed that she has mast cell carcinoma in her knee and she just started her first heartworm treatment. Her treatments will continue through the end of January.  Her care will be costly and take time, but we are optimistic that she will recover and be free of heartworms after her final treatment. GRRMF will make further decisions on the best care for this sweet girl in the near future.  For now, we know that “love grows” from your generous donation for Rosemary and “nobody knows like we!”


Update: November 16, 2020

Our sweet Rosemary has some suspicious masses that were removed from her chest, knee and elbow, results are currently pending. Her Heartworm treatment is scheduled to begin after November 22, 2020.  We need your help to provide Rosemary with the best care for her conditions and rid her of heartworm so she can live a comfortable and happy life.

While Rosemary is awaiting her surgery results she has been getting comfortable in her foster home.  She is a sweet and loving girl that likes to sit in front of her foster mom and dad, lay her head on their legs and flaunt her beautiful brown eyes at them.  Of course the expected reward is lots of petting and perhaps a four legs in the air roll over will get her a bonus belly rub from her obliging tender and loving foster parents.

Rosemary isn’t a squirrel chaser, but she does like a good game of “find” the hidden treats. It’s super fun to look for her favorite treats, but when her foster mom says,“all gone” she knows the game is over. In fact, this smart girl knows sit, down, come, out, and potty on command.  Her foster mom and dad are also working on heeling and giving her paw.  

Rosemary prefers the company of her foster family and isn’t keen on time by herself.  Her foster parents are working on leaving her in small increments to get her accustom to time alone. Rosemary isn’t a barker, but she does vocalize her opinion when she is on the porch and her foster family goes inside.  She’s a proper lady that rides in the car nicely, takes her medication with a dab of peanut butter, doesn’t lick or jump on people.  Rosemary loves to roll, she enjoys a soothing bath and a nice rest in the comfy doggy beds that were loving given to her by her foster family

Rosemary has been through so much and she is deserving of the love and care we can provide for her.  Like the song says “If you’ve ever met her, you’ll never forget her and nobody knows like we!”


Meet our lovely girl Rosemary whom we all simply adore. This sweetheart was abandoned and we lovingly swept her off her paws to become part of the GRRMF family.

First order of business was to remove some masses from a few places including her knee. She came through these procedures with flying colors.  Then it was time for a teeth cleaning and a tooth extraction due to dental disease.

Even though her ears were infected due to neglect, we were hoping that she could hear all of her rescue team tell her that we love her.  Her foster parents are sure she can hear them now through her clean and sparkly ears.

Now we are ready to help her with some more serious issues. In two weeks, she will be spayed and at that time, have a second surgery on her knee to work on getting clear margins for the mass that was removed initially. If that wasn’t enough, she tested Heartworm positive, so she will begin her treatment for this in early December.

Through all of this, Rosemary continues to be a sweet and spirited senior lady and is learning all sorts of wonderful things from her foster parents. Her foster dad is teaching her to “heel and heal” in the backyard because she has already mastered several other good behaviors such as sit, down, lay down, Ok and of course, it’s time to go potty.


This girl is amazing, nothing gets her down. We love her high spirit and she certainly reminds us in these challenging times, how much a positive outlook and desire to be the best she can be, makes all the difference.

Rosemary really needs our help and together with you, we are going to get her the care she needs to get her ready for the future home that she so well deserves.  If you can make a donation for sweet Rosie as her foster parents affectionately call her, we can make sure that she gets all the love, care and treatments that she needs to be healthy and have a wonderful life.

Because love grows where our Rosemary goes and nobody knows like we!




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