Penny Jelly #3651

Penny Jelly #3651

Age: 7 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 107 lbs

Status: Medical Hold

Update 2/10/19

Still in love with flowers and nature, Our Lucky Penny continues to work on her weight loss program through diet and exercise.  She knows she has to keep on track to stay healthy and be at her best!

Penny’s personality is continuing to bloom as she gains confidence and feels safe in her environment. She is a very loving dog although a bit mischievous and a tad stubborn. She responds best with praise and patience. The itchies have resolved and her coat is becoming luxurious. She loves to be groomed. Her favorite toys are balls which will squeak and squish when she plays with them. Her family often calls her Snoopy as she is constantly looking in closets or  shopping bags for any surprises that she can find. She is now almost able to get in and out of a car by herself due to her weight loss and loves going for rides. Her two most favorite things to do are wiggling on her back out in the yard and digging in the dirt!

We are so proud of her since she is now down to 107 from her original weight of 140.  Slow and steady wins the race Miss Penny and we are all behind you 100%.  You go Girl!  You’ve got this!


Update 12/19/18


With hard work and dedication this beautiful copper colored furry girl is down from 140 pounds to 112 lbs.  Just goes to show that everything is possible with good love, care and dedication.  Penny is most grateful to her foster families which have worked so hard at keeping her on a healthy diet and exercise plan.  She has a few more pounds to go but she is well on her way to reaching her goal healthy weight. Truly our GRRMF Lucky Penny!

Update 11/9/18

Penny’s foster mom has some GREAT news to share about this gorgeous girl!  Read on………..

“Congratulate Miss Penny!  She continues to work on her weight reduction! I can really see a pretty curve coming to her waist.  She has more energy and loves playing with all her toys.  She’s doing well on her walks but she still has more weight to lose so we are taking it slow and steady!  I recently took her to get groomed…really it was a doggy spa.  I knew she loved being brushed at home but this was really a true ‘girly girl’ experience and she EXCELLED at it.  The groomer just raved about how good she was and how much she loved everything…the wash, the blow dry, nails, etc.  She was a happy girl when she came home.  In fact, she is still wearing the flower on her collar that her groomer gave her.”

This beauty is a dream girl and she is hoping and dreaming of being in  her ‘fur’ever home for the holidays.  If you are hoping to give this wonderful golden a place in your heart and home, please let us know by getting in your application right now.

Update 9/13/18

Big news for Miss Penny!   Her foster mom reports that she is down to 125.8 pounds now and she now walks almost a mile each day. This girl is a lover or as her foster mom describes her – a very, very ‘velcro girl’.  Even though she is still on the puffy side, Penny manages to burrow underneath her foster mom’s desk and will stay there for hours.  She loves her foster sibling and just wants to be near her as much as Chloe will let her.  Of course, she’s very food driven so she is always interested in what’s cooking, but right now, watermelon is still her most favorite treat.

Congratulations Penny – we are so proud of you for what you have done so far on your weight reduction plan and are so grateful that your foster mom is working with you to stay on track.  Sometimes all a gal needs is just a little encouragement to be the best they can be!  We will check back on Penny in a few more weeks!

Penny found herself a little down on her luck when her owner became too ill to care for her any longer.

Penny is a beautiful, full-figured girl whose name matches the color of her silky coat.  The first 24 hours at her new foster home were so confusing for her.  She met another golden who was not quite ready to share their foster mom.  However this sweet girl handled it with grace and patience.  She was quickly introduced to the green bean diet to help get her trim and fit for the fur-ever home that she will someday be going to for a life happily ever after.

This amazing Golden Retriever has adapted beautifully!  By the end of her 2nd day she was happily eating, drinking, playing and giving kisses!  She is already showing signs that her beanie diet is working!

Penny is housebroken and does not need to be crated.  In fact, she lets you know exactly when it’s time to go outside, with a gentle nudge to your hand and a big kiss to really get your attention.  She walks easily on a leash and every day her foster mom adds to the distance of their daily strolls.  She has met many neighbors, children and other dogs and greets each with affection!

Toys and treats and car rides are Penny’s favorites!  The treats she loves most are anything her foster mom offers her.  Of course, that’s fresh fruit and vegetables.  When reminded, she will take the treat very gently from your hand.

Penny knows a couple commands and her foster mom is working on others with her.

Besides being overweight, Penny is being treated for dermatitis.  She desperately needed to be brushed when she arrived but fortunately, she loves to be groomed and that includes baths and showers!

Penny has a vet checkup coming soon.  We expect that she will show a healthy weight loss and the all-clear – that her skin issue has been resolved.

This honey bug is working diligently on her weight loss program and we have no doubt that with the help of her foster mom, she will be ready for her new family.  If you are looking for a sweet, well behaved love muffin, then this could be your “Lucky Penny” Girl.