Penny and Handler Penny

Penny and Handler Penny

Regional Area: East

Breed: Golden Retriever

Yes, it’s true. The canine and human members of this 4-month-old team are both named Penny.

“I adopted Penny from GRRMF in 2018,” explains Penny. “And at 9 years young, she’s my paw-tner in all things Golden.”

“Although we currently visit a college campus as well, our favorite venues are seniors’ assisted living facilities and nursing homes since so many of the residents have had to be separated from their own cherished pets.”

One visit in particular stands out in Penny’s mind. “When we were at a nursing home recently,” she says, “a resident who had been unable to use his arms due to a stroke slowly reached out to pet Penny’s face. When Penny responded by gently kissing his hand, the attending nurse and I had tears streaming down our faces.”

“As for our future plans? What could be more pleasurable than continuing to enjoy all of our visits?”

Basic Manners
Project PUP certification
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team


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