Moose Jamey #3750

Moose Jamey #3750

Age: 11 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 90 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Hi, I’m Moose! I was brought to the nice people at GRRMF after my owners couldn’t give me the time that I need and deserve.

I love it here at my foster home! I have three foster siblings and I love to play with them and go on walks with them. I had no trouble making myself at home and settled down on my bed quite easily when it was time. Other dogs and cats are no problem for me; I am very easygoing and don’t mind sharing a home.

Much like other golden retrievers like me, I am very affectionate and love it when that love and affection is returned. I love belly rubs and being groomed. This may seem surprising, but I don’t even mind getting my teeth brushed! Playing is one of my favorite things and I love my chew toys. My foster mom also likes to keep my mind sharp by putting my treats in fun squirrel puzzles so that I have to get them out. Take me for a ride in the car and I am a happy boy! I also love being outside and I will show my fun, spunky side when rolling around in the grass! I love my foster mom and enjoy checking on her at times and following her around.

I do my best to be a good boy and there is no need to crate or isolate me. I haven’t learned many commands in the past, but my foster mom is finding that I am eager to please and is helping me learn quickly. Sit, look, turn around, and wait are just some of the commands we are working on and I am a great student! I protect my foster mom, but am usually friendly when I realize that a new person means no harm. I may need some reassurance during thunderstorms and fireworks, but be patient with me and I usually just go lay down in my crate. I’m told that I have a benign tumor on my eye, but I hardly notice it and it doesn’t slow me down, so the animal doctor will probably just leave it be.

Despite my age, I am a playful, affectionate pup who doesn’t let being older get me down! If you have it in your heart to let the last years of my life be great ones with a wonderful human or family, I promise I will be a good boy and make you very happy! If you feel the tug, head on over to get your application in for me today!



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