Minnie Coffman

Minnie Coffman

Age: 9 years

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Angel

Received Wings: July 2020

Although no longer by our side, Minnie is in our hearts forever.  Read about Minnie’s rescue, rehabilitation and her joyous quality of life as a Hearts of Gold Therapy girl from the eyes of her forever Mom.

Well, it’s absolutely true that when you know—you know.  From the minute she walked in the door with that silly cone on her head, I knew.  Those sad eyes and skinny body were all I needed to see. Minnie came to us on August 15, 2018 as a foster dog. She was battling mammary cancer but doing pretty well. We went through medications changes and X-rays every three months with love and prayers in our hearts. We had many late night trips to the ER vet and long car rides to specialists to provide care to improve her quality of life.  It soon became clear that Ms. Minnie needed to be in the GRRMF Sanctuary program and we were asked if we would keep her as a sanctuary dog which meant we would keep her till the end.  We never hesitated for a minute to say yes. The joy and love that she brought to our hearts was immeasurable.

What is most amazing was her love of people. Her gentle, loving nature came through with everyone she met. We decided to screen her for Hearts of Gold and she passed with flying colors. We then certified with Project Pup and we were on our way to many happy therapy visits. She had days that she could not make the therapy visits but would rally for the next one.

She got to see snow when we took her with us to Chicago for Christmas! People at the rest area stopped to watch her as she played in this funny white fluffy stuff that was good to eat as well. There was not a minute that she did not bring joy and love to our hearts. We lost our precious Minnie on July 30, 2020. We had nearly 2 years with her and there is a huge hole in my heart and there will always be that space in there where she will stay forever.



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