Miley Sadie #3061

Miley Sadie #3061

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Update:  May 16, 2020

If you are a Miley fan and follower read on to see what Miley has been up to since our last update. This girl will always make you smile with her antics and daily activities.  

Continuing from last year (2019): Miley had surgery on August 1st to have a lump removed from her ear- thank goodness it was benign and she is fully recovered.  After getting that awful experience over with, Miley went on a camping trip in October to Lake Griffin State Park.  She stayed with her second mom, Barbara and had a great time swimming and playing with her fur baby.

Hooray! Miley celebrated her 9th birthday on November 18th and boy was she spoiled!  Breakfast in bed, a massage, brush out, rousing game of frisbee and squirrel watching with her fur siblings. The day continued with a short nap, special dinner, dessert, new toys and favorite treats.  And get this – she got another gentle massage in her new bed to send her off to dreamland.  No, we can’t all go live at Miley’s house, but it does sound lovely. 

March 2020 brought some sadness to Miley and her family.  She lost her beloved fur sister, Cinnamon.  Cinnamon’s bed has become a comforting place for Miley to sleep and dream about all their good times together. 

Mom has conquered trimming the hair on Miley’s feet and they were continuing to practice their visits to the vet until COVID 19 stopped that routine (Miley wasn’t upset over that). Miley has been keeping very busy helping her parents foster six more golden rescues and now their latest girl, Sadie Auburn. Since Miley is picky about who she keeps company with (human and canine) we’re sure she lets the newbies know what the house rules are from the get go. 

In addition to her duties as matriarch to the new fosters, Miley has taken a liking to the cats in the family and even allows them on her bed.  She’s become a first class frisbee player and mom  reports “she often catches two frisbees at a time and once even caught three!  On top of that, she allows her parents to play dress up by putting flowers in her hair and a lobster suit on – what a sport!

In the morning, before everyone else is up, Miley enjoys special time with her mom; they do chores together and watch the squirrels and birds.  She as figured out how to push her treat ball and other toys over the privacy gate that her mom put up for “no disturb time” while she does her paperwork.  Mom loving says, “she’s getting a little pushy, but we love her! She keeps us happy.” It’s easy to see that they keep Miley happy too!


Update:  April 17, 2019

Every once in awhile a foster will send in a story that warms our hearts.  Such is the case of Cindy and Mike with Miley.  Miley has come so far since May of last year.  Here is an excerpt of a day with Miley.

Last night and this morning  Miley was going through her two toy baskets frantically throwing her toys everywhere.  I couldn’t figure out this new behavior until I remembered her favorite toy, a squeaky hamburger she came with, landed in her water dish while we were playing and I dropped it in the sink to be washed.  And forgot about it.  Once I realized that was what she was looking for I washed it and hung it on the line to dry.  Too long a wait for our Miley.  She didn’t care if it was still wet She decided she wanted it NOW!  Never forget your fur baby’s favorite toy!
Watch out NBA!

Update: April 8,2019

Who says that our sanctuary dogs can’t continue to improve and be happy!  Miley is out to prove that isn’t true.  She just had her annual check up last month and Miley got a thumbs up from her veterinarian and staff.  How you ask?  She took several trips to the vet’s office without any examinations, she smelled all the empty rooms and checked it all out.  Miley’s mom and dad taught her new games and tricks with interactive toys that included a play veterinarian bag with toy instruments.  Even though she was still nervous for her check up, she cooperated with her vaccinations, heart worm test, nail trimming and ear checks.  Our girl even dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day!

Update: February 9, 2019

Our girl, Miley, has come such a long way on her journey to wellness since we first shared her story in May 2018. Miley has overcome many obstacles with the help and patience of her loving foster parents. Her foster family, GRRMF friends and professionals have all been the key to her success. Under the experience and gentle supervision of Cindy and Mike, Miley has learned to trust, love and interact with people and other animals.

Miley has been moved to our Sanctuary program. She has special needs that have been nurtured and fulfilled by her foster mom and dad who have put timeless energy and love into their commitment to this special golden girl.  Miley’s continued success is dependent on her wonderful foster family who have now become her permanent GRRMF forever family.

Miley’s story is a true love story of kindness, patience, commitment, acceptance and unconditional love. Many thanks to Mike and Cindy and all our foster families who give their time and love to make every day count for these wonderful dogs.


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