Miley Sadie #3061

Miley Sadie #3061

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 71 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

After being adopted in October 2013, Miley came back to GRRMF in April 2017 when she was 7 years old.  Unfortunately, her adopted family surrendered her back to GRRMF due to fear and social issues. Since that time, Miley was behind the scenes in our GRRMF program, with issues preventing her comfort to be available for adoption. GRRMF wasn’t giving up on this special girl. We knew that it was possible to find help for her. Time and patience would need to be taken to allow Miley to adjust and relax in new environments.

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Wow, Miley’s been a busy girl, we need to catch up with her —Read on!

October 29, 2018 – Miley enjoyed her spa day.  Foster mom reports that she got the full treatment “brush out, nail trim, coat trim, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed and a soothing oatmeal bath”.  Miley was a good girl and didn’t need that dreaded muzzle-even for the “hiney” part!

Miley got a chance to sport an E-collar when she scratched herself raw from a bug bite.  She walked around proudly showing off her new hat and actually found it to be very resourceful for carrying her favorite ball and frisbee

Our girl is also practicing for an AKC Trick Title—how fun!  She has mastered fetch it, crawl, shake paw, balance beam, get on, touch it, down hand signal and get your toy. Miley is also working on hold it, which she hasn’t quite perfected yet. When Miley isn’t trick training, she is taking car rides to Publix for social skill work and people watching.  She has started to use more of an inside voice and her previous high pitched bark now has a softer sound of excitement rather than desperation.  She still ranks her frisbee games as the best game ever and can sometimes catch two at a time.  Keep it coming Miley, you rock!

August 12, 2018– Lots of rain in Florida, Miley had to play ball and frisbee in the house-how lucky is she that she gets to do that! Foster mom decided that dancing would be another rainy day activity and Miley reluctantly went along with it, but not without the treats. Since she received treats for dancing she decided to throw mom a bone and did her “downs” without any treats-good girl! Foster mom is working up to cleaning Miley’s ears, with some gentle ear scratching (which Miley loves) and some professional guidance from a partnering veterinarian, Miley will soon be ready to conquer this personal hygiene task.

August 5, 2018-Miley had a photo session today with her other foster siblings (fur and shell) dogs, cats and turtles. Miley posed for some still shots and action shots of ball and frisbee playing. Our girl did really well with the other dogs and had a great socialization opportunity with our wonderful volunteer photographer Renee!

July 31, 2018-Miley is starting to dig the affection she is getting from her foster mom, She curled herself near her today and enjoyed a nice back scratch. After the back massage, Miley rolled over, kicked her feet in the air and received a great belly and chin rub. Miley is generally reluctant to receive a hug as she interprets it as a restraint. Foster mom, Cindy, observed that Miley felt safe in her bed and that a “bed hugs,” with an open armed approach, were well received. This was a wonderful breakthrough for our girl. Great job Cindy and Miley!

Miley loves her frisbee game, it has helped her to open up and relax. Mike and Cindy spend equal time playing with Miley so that she doesn’t get too attached to just one of her foster parents. Miley is going at her own pace, sometimes with baby steps and sometimes with big leaps. The important thing is that she is learning to trust and feel relaxed and happy in her everyday life.

MILESTONE – Miley was getting brushed today by Cindy when the comb got snagged in her tail. Miley sat up suddenly, glared at Cindy, gave her a lick on the elbow as if to say “watch it”. Cindy apologized and Miley went back to resting quietly. SWEET!

MILESTONE 2 – Cindy decided to push the envelope since Miley was so good about the brushing mistake. Nail clipping was up next with no muzzle. Lots of treats, a wrinkled nose, open mouth with some slobbering all over the hand with the clippers, but NO bites. The treats were a good distraction and she let her feet be handled.


Let’s count Miley’s successes:
Bed hugs and massages all over her body -loved it!
Brushing with some snags and a good response
Dancing with treats (working on no treats soon)
Downs with no treats
Photo session with a new person and her foster family (human and animals)
Relaxing, enjoying her play sessions and continuing to develop trust
Nail clipping without a muzzle and allowing her feet to be handled

HOORAY for all these great triumphs!
Catch our next report on Miley’s journey! We are sure we will have some great things to tell you.

Miley has come a long way under the gentle guidance of her foster families as she has progressed through the GRRMF program.  The right medications, special diet, force free training and daily play time is balancing Miley’s fears and providing her a future that looks much brighter than ever before. We so appreciate your financial support and positive thoughts of hope in Miley’s journey to wellness.

Here’s some great information on her favorite things:

Miley likes riding in the car, but isn’t a window watcher-perhaps a good nap is preferred.

She will stroll through the kiddie pool——unless there is a ball there, if so, game on!

Miley loves playing frisbee and ball, she has added several other toys to her repertoire and enjoys growling at them and throwing them in the air. She also enjoys rolling and growling in her blanket-how cute!

When it’s time to play ball, Miley is serious about her throwing coach. If her coach won’t put out their hand for the ball, she will push it towards them and dance back and forth with a bark or two for good measure.

This girl is super food motivated so if you want to play the Nose Work game don’t forget to tidy up and put those boxes and food away from the game girl.

She’s a great stair climber and loves to visit her family upstairs.