Miles Fabian #3711

Miles Fabian #3711

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This sweet boy was lovingly surrendered by his family because they were moving and had no choice. They knew GRRMF would take good care of Miles and help him to find a new home.

This loving boy arrived early in the day to his foster home and wanted to go for a stroll right away. He went for a short walk with his foster family and then started to explore his new surroundings. He was very interested in the lake but seemed a bit unsure about it. He found the tennis balls and a very special stuffed elephant, that his foster mom had ready and waiting for him.  He slept on the floor next to the bed his first night and fit right in!

Filled with happiness and joy, it is easy to see how he feels with his happy wagging tail signals.  He was professionally groomed for Valentines Day and his groomer said he was the happiest and most gentle boy!  He is working on his commands and already knows sit, come and wait for the signal for his food.  Good boy Miles!

Speaking of miles, he loves his long walks with foster mom. He walks at sunrise for 3 miles and another 2 miles in the evening. He gets so excited every time he sees or hears his leash.  He is working on leash manners and with his new harness, it helps him to manage barking and pulling, when he sees other dogs. He spies ducks, squirrels and birds often on his walks, but seems only want to chase the squirrels – probably because he has figured out that they don’t fly, so he has a chance to catch them!

His foster mom says he probably won’t be doing the wash anytime soon as he acts a little strange, when he hears the sounds, of the washing machine.  What a great idea to avoid that chore!  He is an avid TV watcher and is happy to verbally advise the dogs he sees on the screen, that he is in charge.

Smart, sweet, happy and ready to love whomever he meets, this handsome young lad adjusts well and will be a wonderful addition to a family that is ‘just right’ for him.