Mikey Drew #3348

Mikey Drew #3348

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 45 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Mikey came back to GRRMF after his previous adopter became too busy to give him proper care.

Mikey, like any pup, was nervous when he first arrived at his foster home, but he warmed up quickly to his foster siblings and human family.

Mikey is a fun-loving boy who enjoys playing with his siblings and chasing lizards. He is not as fond of toys though and would rather shred them than play with them! He loves belly rubs and snuggling up to his foster parents. He misses them very much when he is away from them and will look out the window until they return. He has the reputation of being a bit of a “Velcro dog” and loves to follow his humans around. He will, however, lie down on the floor and be content to just hang out. He also very much enjoys car rides and will sit in the car and behave like a gentleman.

Mikey loves dinner time and has a special dance that he performs for his food! He will jump, spin around and bark at the human who is feeding him until he is served. Be careful about burning his food or your human food though! He hates the fire alarm and will bark and run away and hide.

Mikey is a very healthy boy, is very well-trained, loves being brushed,  he loves his walks, behaves himself and walks well on the leash.  He will also be a good boy for his baths, teeth and ear cleaning. Although he is usually obedient, he does love his independence and will sometimes do his own thing!  Even though he loves his foster siblings and gets along well with them, he will bark at the neighbor’s dogs particularly on walks. He loves his humans though, and will do a lot to please them! He has been tested with kitties and seems to tolerate them just fine.

Sweet and endearing, Mikey would make a great addition to any family and is waiting for that special home that is willing to devote time and love to him! If you are the one for him, get your application in today!