Malachi Alec #3767

Malachi Alec #3767

Age: 15 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 75 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

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Update:  September, 8, 2019

Handsome Mr. Malachi had his right knee stitches out last week and he has healed perfectly. That’s probably because he was such a good boy and never licked his incision – plus he did not even need a cone!  Even his puppy ears are now infection free and clear! He is walking well and slowly starting to put more weight on his right leg and paw. His rehab now begins with slow mini walks, going just a little further each day. This brave boy and his loving foster family are almost at the halfway mark for the beginning of his new pain free life.  But there’s still more surgery to go!

His post-op appointment and recheck on his right knee will be in October.  At that time a date will be determined for Malachi to have surgery on his left knee.  Then he will need recuperation and recovery time again, followed by more rehab.

GRRMF and his foster family are committed to helping Malachi to be all that he can be, which we know is great!  We will all continue to stand by his side and cheer him on to get him through it. Won’t you join us by making a donation to his expensive, but well worth it medical care?

Malachi just cannot wait to explore the world pain free where belongs! And he thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

“Malachi” from the Hebrew name means “my messenger” or “my angel”.  Malachi comes to all of his supporters  with a message of hope, that you will be able to give him the medical care he needs, so that he can be the bouncing golden he was born to be. Surrendered to GRRMF because his medical care was simply not affordable by his family, this sweet angel needs not one, but two knee surgeries.  He has already undergone his first (patella) knee surgery, the second knee surgery, will be done before year’s end.

Malachi is settling into his foster home and recuperating from his first surgery. He adjusted fairly quickly to his new environment and loves to be near his foster dad and mom.  Malachi is content with playing with his toys and enjoys being hugged and loved by his foster family.  He also is excited about being brushed and likes to look nice. This handsome boy is always ready for a photo session and only his hairdresser knows how he keeps that gorgeous white coat so clean and neat.

When Malachi isn’t giving you that contagious smile, he is holding one of his favorite toys in his mouth. Like any young dog his age, he loves to play, but that activity will have to be put on the shelf while his knee heals.  Until then, he will just have to work on his obedience commands, his foster family is concentrating on the basics with an emphasis on “Stay”!  Always a good command to know for recuperation but not easy for a puppy!

Malachi was very well behaved when he went to have his first surgery, he observed the other animals there, but he showed that true golden trait and was much more interested in all the people fussing over him – you have to admit, he is cute.

This young dog is a real treasure, he’s potty trained, trustworthy in the house, hasn’t shown any fear towards anything, doesn’t counter surf, run out the door or beg— he really is an angel!

Malachi’s message of hope to you –  is that you can help with some of his medical expenses, he hopes to run and play with other canine friends and meet some children and other human friends.  Help this angel boy get his knees back so that he can be that wonderful companion to his forever family.

Malachi is so grateful for any help you can give – he said to tell you that he thinks you are ‘The Bee’s Knee’s’ for all your generosity.


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