Leo Jimbo #3832

Leo Jimbo #3832

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Status: Sanctuary



Update: November 17, 2023

Blowing out the candles on his birthday cake in September was lovable Leo who’s now 9 years young!

While his steps may have slowed somewhat, his spunky spirit remains intact. Still sweeter than sweet and sillier than silly, his wide warm grin still possesses the power to melt his loving mom’s heart. An accomplished doggy contortionist when he sleeps, on his back with his long legs akimbo, his suppleness both amuses and amazes her and keeps her in awed, appreciative smiles.

As affectionate as ever, still most content in his mom’s company, so comfy and so close, he still finds the time – and the desire — to enjoy a good romp, jumping up like a rabbit and running round the yard, playing with his siblings once a day and going for walks. Seldom seen without a large Benebone clamped in his paws, he remains a dedicated sun worshiper, bathing in its soothing rays while scouting the scene for any people passing by.

Eagerly awaiting the resumption of some weekend swimming sessions, Leo contents himself in the meantime with a steady and satisfying regime comprised of having his belly rubbed and his lush, golden coat groomed, playing with toys, and taking rides in the car.

Update: December 17, 2022

Leo puts the “l” into LOVE!

Ringing out the old year and welcoming the new, he remains just as sweet and as gentle as on the first day he arrived, reports his adoring mom. Famous for being a “close talker,” he still revels in tilting his head and nose towards hers and gazing deeply and meaningfully into her eyes.

When he suddenly grew leery of going on their usual nighttime walks around the neighborhood, his mom worked patiently and persistently at restoring his confidence, and it wasn’t long before Leo was fully enjoying those walks again. Not only does he love walking here, there and everywhere, he also loves romping around outdoors with his canine siblings, playing chase and lightly wrestling with them.

Next on his list of loves is swimming at a local doggy daycare that allows Leo, his siblings and his mom into the pool area by themselves for fun and frolics, taking naps, lying around on soft pillows and sunbathing outside in the yard.

But now, always and forever, his greatest love of all is being as close as paws-ible, as often as paws-ible, to his mom.

GRRMF is thankful that we can provide this wonderful Sanctuary program to take care of these special dogs, with special needs.  Your donations make this possible and we thank all of our supporters for your love and dedication to this rescue.

Update:  October 31, 2021

I have been a little sad, shy and nervous since my big brother, Barnabas, passed away.  Mom has been helping me get back to my old self by taking me to doggy daycare for swim day where she gets to join me in the pool and we have a ball swimming together. I also enjoy running and playing with my doggy friends at the nearby dog park. My mom continues to monitor my blood glucose and diet to keep be healthy and active.

We have a new pup that joined our family so I am learning a few new things along with him.  I can do the nose touch to hand, search for goodies hidden in boxes around the house and have learned that when people visit they have places they sit and I get a treat when everyone takes their place – including me!

Belly rubs, car rides, grooming, swimming and walking are all things I enjoy doing.  My favorite thing of all is greeting my mom with a giant grin and putting my paws gently on her shoulders.  With a tilt of my head next to her head I can feel her warmth and love for me.  I’m very lucky to have my forever Sanctuary home with my mom and new brother. Thanks GRRMF supporters and volunteers for making this possible for me and all my Sanctuary buddies!

Update: December 12, 2020

Did I scare you?  I’m actually making my big smile that I show to my mom every evening when she comes home.  I’m so happy to see her; I put my paws up, wag my tail and give her my best pearly white smile.  She roars with laughter and I get lots of hugs and attention – it’s the BEST!


Update: November 19, 2020

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have learned to give my mom a big smile when she comes home for the day.  I show her my front left teeth and hold that pose while placing my front paws on her hands.  Mom thinks it is really cute, but she hasn’t been quick enough with the camera to capture my full smile.  This picture is me after I finished my smile; I guess you will just have to imagine how cute I look.  When mom gets a better grip on the camera we will send you a better picture.  Until then, I will be saying my doggy prayers to thank all of you for your continued donations for me and all my Healing Hearts and Sanctuary buddies.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: October 16, 2020

I’m sure you all have been keeping up with me and I’m sorry I’ve been behind on my correspondence but:::  I CAN SEE!  The surgery was a success, but I waited until I had my check up to let everyone know!  Here’s how it all came about.  But first let me tell you about the great folks at GRRMF and all their donors.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to write and tell you about my eye sight.  Because of all my health issues, GRRMF has spent a significant financial amount for my immediate care and I will required ongoing care and monitoring for comfort and wellness.  I took a peek at the books and GRRMF has spent over $10,000.00 on me!!!  I know that because of all the fantastic donors like yourself!

I just don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have all the generous donations from all of you and my special GRRMF family to take care of me and love me. My mom sums it up the best by saying “ Leo really is a Super Dog with super powers – the powerful sense of smell, ability to hear the smallest of creatures and now to see what no one else can see!”

Let me tell you all that has happened since my operation was approved!  On the day of surgery I had some good vibes that it was going to be amazing and it was; immediately after my surgery I could see again!  Here’s a picture of me after surgery -don’t I look cool with my Super Dog mask -I hope it grows back black -wouldn’t that be awesome!

When I first got home I bounced like a bunny rabbit after a moth outside and did a Super Dog play bow to my brother, Barnabas.  Mom only let us play for a few moments, but it was great fun.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be part of all the family activities again. I can catch delicious treats, play with my toys, do my special double paw sit and greet my mom with my signature nose to nose HELLO.

I have a new zest for life and I am enjoying my wonderful gift of having my eyesight restored.  But in my heart I know it is all because of the wonderful people that donate to GRRMF – Thank you for my sight and restoring my health!

Love, Leo
Update:  October 11, 2020

I was told that my fans have been asking about me so I thought I would take a break from my Super Dog activities and give you an update.  When I joined my permanent family a few months ago, my vision was beginning to fade.  I was comfortable in my new home and enjoyed playing with my foster brother, running in the yard, catching balls and playing with my favorite stuff toys.  My mom knew that my diabetes could cause the loss of my vision very quickly and it sure didn’t take long. I lost most of my vision shortly after I joined my new family. I didn’t want to play with my brother and I couldn’t catch my toys – it was very frustrating.  Then I turned on my super powers and used my other senses to help me rebuild by confidence. I felt good about my progress and rejoined my brother and sister on swimming adventures, trail walks and dog park visits.  Still, it wasn’t the same as being able to see all the beautiful things in life.  I said my doggy prayers at night in hopes that I would get approved for the cataract surgery I needed to restore my vision.

Guess what!  My surgery was approved! My mom took me to have blood work tests and a dental cleaning before by surgery so that I would be in tip-top shape.


Update: August 9, 2020

Woof, my friends!

I just wanted to let you know that because of my special medical needs, GRRMF has decided to place me in a permanent foster care status which we call “sanctuary”. I will live the rest of my days with my very special foster family who will shower me with love and provide the care I need for my medical conditions.

On top of my diabetes and pancreatitis, I’ve developed cataracts in both eyes and can barely see.  I’ve called upon my Super Dog skills and am learning how to master my environment by using my nose, ears and paws to guide me safely to my destination.  The vet said I’m a candidate for cataract surgery, until then, my mom is administering eye drops and antioxidant supplements.

I sure am one lucky dog to have GRRMF make my life full and complete. Without all of the support of all the generous people that donate to GRRMF this special program would not have been available to me. Thanks for helping me and all my buddies in the Sanctuary program out.  As my hero Superman said “Dreams save us, Dreams lift us up and transform us.”  My dream to live a full and happy life has come true – thanks to you!

Please keep following my story for updates. Remember, I am Super Dog – I will have lots to tell you about my new life.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Leo and I’m a very cute, curious and  smart boy.  I thought I would give my foster family and the GRRMF writers a break and tell you my own story.

I came to GRRMF because I was very sick and my previous family could not afford my medical expenses.  Luckily, they were kind enough to surrendered me to GRRMF where I could get the medical care and attention I need.  Like many humans, I have diabetes and I am also dealing with pancreatitis.  My foster mom is preparing special meals to help with the pancreatitis and she monitors my blood glucose and gives me insulin twice a day. My foster mom is working on stabilizing my blood sugar; she is very gentle, patient and kind – I really like her!

When I first got to my foster home, I was a little unsure of the surroundings.  After some time passed, I felt confident enough to meet my furry foster sister and that seemed to go pretty well.  Shortly after our introduction, my foster mom brought out my foster brother, we checked each other out and he gave his nod of approval.  With all the formalities taken care of it was time for a swim!  My foster sister showed me her baby pool and how awesome it was to get in to cool off – I decided to take a dip myself. 

I’m more comfortable in my foster home now.  I was kinda bewildered at first and didn’t want to eat, but now I’m being watched by my foster mom to make sure I don’t snatch my sister’s food and snacks.  I like to observe my foster siblings and foster mom and I think I’ve got their routines down pretty good.  The best part is when my foster mom takes us for walks, car rides, adventures at the dog parks, doggy swims, on trails in the woods and all the other fun stuff she plans.  

Mom says I behave like a puppy when I’m introduced to something new.  I become very alert, cautious and hesitant – except if you’re a cat!  Then I put my superdog outfit on and fly out the door to see if the neighbor cats are out, if they are, I give my most serious bark to scare them. It’s great fun until mom comes out to calm me down and focuses my attention on something else in the yard.  I think butterflies and dragonflies are pretty cool, I’m ho-hum about the squirrels and birds – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

I hate to brag, but I think I’m pretty smart. I know how to sit, down, shake, wait, back up, leave it, take it, off, look and here.  As an extra bonus, I love people and dogs, I’m house trained, don’t need to be isolated (unless my siblings food or treats are available) and if you’ve been away, I will give you the most joyous welcome when you return home.  So you ask, what could you do for me in return -belly rubs, car rides, grooming, toy play, fetch the ball, walks and swimming!

One more thing before I close, I naturally like to lay in corners or under tables. I’m not terrified of storms, but I don’t like when there is a downpour or severe weather. Don’t expect me to go potty unless it’s a light rain -I’ll just wait til that storm ends. 

I’m looking forward to feeling better and getting my diabetes and pancreatitis under control; my foster mom is doing a great job taking care of me.  I’m so thankful to GRRMF for taking me in and for all the donors and supporters that help all of us Healing Heart dogs.  Boy, it sure will be great to meet more new people, especially the small and older children that I haven’t met yet. I will be updating you soon about my progress and I will be doing a doggy dance when I’m well enough to find my forever home.  


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