Laddy Juddy #3706

Laddy Juddy #3706

Age: 10 yrs.

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 43 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Update 2/16/19

Foster mom was so excited to let us know that Laddy had a fun day filled with adventures.  He was Copilot in the car today and made sure that mom was driving safely to each destination.  Their adventure today included a park that was very busy with lots of children around playing on the playground enjoying the beautiful weather.  Laddy did a wonderful job meeting new people who were calm around Laddy and very soft natured with him.  Great Job Laddy!  Keep up the great work!!

At 10 years old, it isn’t always easy to have your life displaced.  Coming into the loving arms of GRRMF after spending several months in a shelter, Laddy is learning to adjust to a new life.  Not only did Laddy meet his new human foster and need to adjust, but he was also introduced to 3 new foster siblings.   Laddy was fearful at first with his new foster siblings, as he didn’t know what to expect from them.  With time and patience from everyone, Laddy has learned that his foster siblings don’t want to harm him.

One thing that Laddy enjoys doing is rolling around in the grass!  This makes him very happy.  When he is outside, he is very curious about the squirrels he encounters.  He is interested in what they are doing, but hasn’t shown signs of wanting to chase them.  Laddy enjoys going for walks and exploring his new surroundings.  He is a curious boy that likes to smell everything.  Laddy enjoys drinking water from the doggy pool in the backyard.

Foster mom has been working with Laddy on his commands and manners.  He is a fast learner and mom has found that Laddy does much better with soft voices.  He seems to be a little hard of hearing and when talked to you in a soft, loving manner Laddy responds much better.  He has learned to overcome some of his initial fears due to mom’s calmness and patience.  Mom has also been working with Laddy on paying attention to her and her voice and accepting gentle touches.  Once he knows that there is nothing to fear, he loves to be touched and brushed.

Laddy enjoys playing with stuffed toys, but be careful he would much rather destuff them!  Mom has taught him how to play fetch and he enjoys playing catch with a large squeaky ball.   Laddy is very attached to mom and will often sneak between her legs for some love and group hugs with his foster siblings – he has come so far since day 1.

Laddy is a sweet boy with a young heart.  He needs the reassurance that he is loved and patience to help him feel comfortable.  Laddy enjoys being outside and relaxing in the fresh air.  Are you that someone that can give Laddy lots of extra love and have a little sidekick to spend time with?