Kate Sallie #3996

Kate Sallie #3996

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 41 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


To be eligible to adopt Kate, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF. If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, an adoption coordinator will contact you if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs. Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.


Her face reflects four years of a life that does not appear to be a good one. Her sweet disposition and shy demeanor tells us that she hopes for a life of love and security.  A Louisiana girl that GRRMF will be helping to heal her medical issues and find her a forever home.  Support, hope and belief in a new life for this sweet girl is what GRRMF is all about.

Kate arrived at her foster home with a wag of her short tail and a look that yearned for attention, love and kindness. Playing with a tennis ball and a love for walks is what she enjoys the most but looking out the window at the beautiful surroundings and being outside in the yard is also of great pleasure to her.  Kate loves being petted by her foster family and follows them around when she is in the same room as they are.  You see, it doesn’t seem that Kate has had much of of an opportunity to socialize or experience normal everyday sounds.  She is frightened by squeaky toys and loud noises and will hide away in another room until she is calm enough to engage with her foster family again.

During her medical examination, Kate was diagnosed with Heartworm and she will need to undergo a series of treatments over the next four months.  She will need to be on restricted activities until her treatments are completed and she is medically cleared of heartworm.  But don’t worry, there will be lots of things for Kate to do. Professional trainers working with GRRMF and her foster family will be helping her to adjust to her new environments, gain confidence, work on learning some obedience commands and helping her to learn to feel secure and loved.

She hasn’t been introduced to children or cats yet, but she is fond of chasing the lizards.  Given her sweet nature, and constantly wagging stubby tail, there is sure to be a lot of positive changes going forward for this young lady.  

You can help Kate achieve her new life by any donation you can afford. Kate’s treatment and training will be costly but she will be worth it for the joy she will bring into a loving families life.

Check in on Kate to see how she is progressing, with the love and nurturing she will be receiving, we expect to see an amazing transition and confidence in the weeks to come.


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