Irish Astor #3621

Irish Astor #3621

Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 71 lbs

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Arriving in GRRMF’s care after his living situation changed, this majestic boy is simply irresistible.  He has a beautiful, thick coat and fluffy paws and enjoys leaning into you for some love.

Irish loves his foster family and is happiest when he is in the same room with them. If you want to snuggle, he’s all for it, otherwise he is content to relax nearby.  Irish has shown an instant bond with the male humans in his foster homes, however loves women just the same!  However, males are definitely his first choice!

Animals, on the other hand, haven’t received the same encounters!  He is VERY persistent about chasing a cat until he finally catches them.  He was fostered with three golden siblings and he did everything he could to sniff them out and constantly try to dominate them.  He is not at all bothered by the warning signs dogs or cats offer!  Therefore, this Lion King would be best suited for a home all of his own where he can rule the roost! 

Irish loves to go for car rides, walks in the neighborhood, and of course meeting new people.  He sits nicely in the back seat with his monstrous paws on the front console, close to you.   At home, he is extremely interested in the pool and we suspect he is a swimmer but it has not been confirmed.  Irish looks forward to his daily walks and getting that exercise.  He is housebroken and will advise you when he needs to go out.  Due to daily medication, he is always hungry and thirsty, so his water intake should be monitored.  Frequent trips outside to take care of business must be routine.

This sweet boy enjoys to lay on the cool tile, often in the bathroom.  Foster mom reports that he sometimes loves to rest in the master bathroom shower!  With all that fur, who would blame him? Irish doesn’t seem to mind getting groomed and foster parents have been working to get his gorgeous coat free from tangles and fur balls.  Keeping up with his thick coat will definitely be a must for his new family.

Irish is a well-mannered boy who knows his commands.  If offered a treat, he patiently waits his turn but often will just sniff the treat, perhaps gently taking it out of your hand but sometimes will refuse them.  Irish is the best of both worlds – he loves to play and have fun but also loves that downtime to relax and refuel.  He has the sweetest IRISH eyes and most beautiful, personality – what is there not to love?  This Lion King is Big, Beautiful and In Charge and waiting to be rescued by you!

Are you that LUCKY someone to gain a beautiful, all around IRISH guy?