Honey – Project Pup (handler Bert)

Honey LOVES being a Pup Pal

“I began doing pet therapy with my golden Casey at a Hospice facility after my father passed and also became involved with Pup Pals reading program at Largo Library.  Casey eventually retired and Honey, being a natural, easily stepped into her pawprints after being certified by Project PUP,” reports her proud mom, Bert.  Honey is very active in her community as a Project PUP Canine Volunteer doing monthly Pup Pal library visits, bringing cheer to residents at Hospice facilities and attending GRRMF events.  She received her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification before becoming involved with Project PUP as a dog/handler team.  “I decided to join Project PUP because they are a local group in our community and serve a wide variety of facilities, such as schools, hospitals, ALFs and libraries.”

Honey also enjoys the excitement of competing and harnessing her natural scenting abilities.  She has trained with Ann Waterbury at New Dawn for K9 Nose Work under the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) guidelines.  She continues to be an active participant in K9 Nosework training through NACSW and competes in all four elements of nose work trials – interior, exterior, container and vehicle search.

Honey’s accomplishments are truly remarkable given her rough start on life.  She was rescued from a high kill shelter in 2012 at 8 months of age with several health issues, including severe bilateral hip dysplasia that required two surgeries.  Honey continues to amaze her mom with her easy going personality and her ability to connect with those she visits.  “She has always been a very good judge of how people are feeling,” reports her mom, “and she is very patient with children.”  Honey knows exactly where to go when she arrives at the Largo Library, steering her mom past rows of books to the special reading room set up just for the Pup Pals Reading Dogs program.  The goal of the program is to provide a place for reluctant readers to sit with a dog and read to a non-judgmental companion as they build their confidence.  The children begin to relax as they read their story while snuggling and petting their new furry friend – a win-win situation.  “It is not uncommon for Honey to roll her tummy up at some point during the reading session and that child can expect a full out sneeze from her when she does!”

Honey at project pup




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