Garnet Aubrey #3769

Garnet Aubrey #3769

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 47 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

A beautiful blend of Golden Retriever and Collie, this sweet southern belle originally hails from Louisiana and found her way to GRRMF because her owner would no longer take care of her.

Garnet had us at “hello” when we first met her, because she slowly walked out and put her paw on in our volunteer’s lap asking if she could cuddle. When you sit with her, she tries to curl up in your lap and get cozy. Her foster dad said she was very timid at but is so very sweet and precious.  She wags her tail and loves to be loved and was so happy to be in her foster home, that she curled up on the rug by his bed for the entire evening.  She felt safe at last!

Unfortunately, this southern princess tested heartworm positive so she has begun her medical treatment and cannot do a lot of running around.  She needs some time to heal and feel better, not to mention gain a few pounds.  She enjoys very short walks, as she’s a bit tired right now from her medicine. GRRMF and her foster dad are going to take special care of Garnet to get her ready for her forever home.

Garnet just adores all of her toys!  She has a new favorite toy each day probably because her kind foster dad keeps buying them for her. She loves belly rubs and being pet and feels so comfy when her foster dad talks with her. She has learned to sit for treats. This smart girl is very neat and tidy! Anything her foster dad leaves around, like a shoe or hat she’ll pick it up and put it away right where she sleeps. She doesn’t seem to chew on anything left out, but seems to enjoy having a pile of “stuff” where she sleeps!  It makes her feel safe, needed and loved!  She follows her foster dad everywhere, but likes to sleep on the floor. She never jumps on the couch and now seems to prefer to sleep in the living room. She doesn’t bark when someone knocks on the door and is great with strangers. Garnet is happy to meet new people and dogs.  Her foster dad is teaching her to shake!

Perfect in so many ways, we just need to surround her with love and help her recover with medicine for being heartworm positive. These treatments are very expensive, but we believe this girl is worth every penny and more to have a chance at a much better life, with someone who will cherish her and make her feel wanted and safe forever.  If you can help us with any financial support for her treatment, you can help her recover with her foster dad, to be the beautiful Garnet jewel that we know she can be and help her find her new for always home.

Make sure you catch the sweet kiss that she blows your way when you make your donation today.



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