Einstein Owen #3783

Einstein Owen #3783

Age: 10 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 73 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

To be eligible to adopt Einstein, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF. Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.  If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, an adoption coordinator will contact you if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs.

From the very start, this adorable golden toddler, appropriately named Einstein, has been delightful and joyful.  His foster mom reports that he has been perfectly content since the moment he arrived. His favorite sport so far, seems to be wiggling in to get close so that he can get as much attention as possible.  He gets along great with his foster golden/lab brother and insists on being right in the middle of any and all affection. This gentle giant is dripping with love and kisses for everyone he meets!  He even goes to dinner with his foster parents and sleeps under the table at the restaurant.  What a good boy and such good manners!


Einstein loves his stuffies that squeak and he throws them around, easily entertaining himself. When he can, he will try to see how many he can fit in his mouth at once!  It is not unusual for him to be holding two, three, or even four toys at once. He seems very comfortable around water and acts like he is ready to swim although he is patiently waiting for his ear infections to clear up.  His foster mom can tell that he is going to be a water bug – he has already gone on boat rides and loves them.

He is a bit of a messy drinker and thinks it’s great fun to try and swim in the water dish.  This boy knows his commands and is very responsive along with being a good listener. He and his foster mom are working on new commands because she can see that he is definitely super smart and a fast learner. If he could talk, the first thing out of his mouth might very well be E=mc2, as a tribute to his namesake Albert Einstein.

His foster mom reports that Einstein always wants to have his head on her, whether he is sitting, leaning in or just laying down with his head/body draped over her.  Delightful all the time, this gentle pup is a true ray of sunshine.  To describe him as a Velcro dog is simply not enough – he is more like Super Glue and is destined to make some lucky family very happy.


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