Doug Jenson #3539

Doug Jenson #3539

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 55 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

This goofy boy is searching for his forever home and a family that will enjoy his zest for life.  Doug loves to play and act silly when trying to entice his foster sisters to play.  They are not always willing and Doug has learned to accept that; he is very comfortable laying on his back, playing with his squeaky toy all on his own. 

Doug is a very well-mannered boy who has great leash manners and looks forward to his walks each day.  Sometimes needing a few corrections is all it takes to have an enjoyable walk with a loose lead. Continuing to work on his commands and good leash manners is something that should be a daily routine in his new home.  When needed, Doug will let you know that he needs to go outside and do his business.

Due to separation anxiety, Doug feels more secure in his crate when no one is home. He is not destructive but does appear stressed when he is by himself.  Most of the time Doug is a true Velcro dog, sticking close to a member of the family.  Sometimes he is following so close that he will often bump into you if you slow down or stop.  He is always watching your every move, making sure you are nearby.  Don’t be mistaken, Doug does enjoy some time alone on the couch or in the other room knowing everyone is home.  He enjoys laying on the bed with you and cuddling.

Doug loves nothing more than to be your copilot in the car. He looks forward to a daily car ride to take in all the passing scenery.  A very outgoing boy can be found in Doug as he loves everyone.

A family who loves to laugh, go on adventures, and have a companion dog close by is the family that is a perfect match for Doug.  He will keep you laughing and sharing in his amazing zest for life.