Daisy Ona #3677

Daisy Ona #3677

Age: 6.5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 89 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Through no fault of her own, this sweet and joyful young lady was surrendered to GRRMF because her family’s work schedule did not allow them to spend time with her and she deserved happiness.

With natural blonde curls, Daisy is a delightful, friendly and beautiful golden who was very comfortable in her foster home from the very first night.  She was overjoyed to see that there were so many toys for her to have and to hold.  She loves to play fetch and is a big tease when returning the ball/toy by playing ‘keepaway’ and staying just out of reach while play-talking to her playmate.

In keeping with typical golden style, she is a lover and would much prefer to be with her “people” which is quite understandable, since she was often alone in a crate in her past life. There is a crate available for her in her foster home but she ignores it and is so happy to be an active part of family life. Her foster parents report that she doesn’t even need a crate because she is housebroken and so well behaved. She enjoys her sibling foster cat and has tried to get her to play numerous times.  So far outdoor wildlife doesn’t interest her and when she meets other dogs, she smiles politely and stays focused on her walk – requiring no verbal commands to do so!  What a mannerly lady she is!  She knows her basic commands and is quite obedient.

One of her favorite pastimes is to pick up clothing, shoes, and other objects when you are home, to show you what she can do.  She gives up her prize when asked to do so.  She loves to walk and is a delight on a leash.  This is great news as she needs to shed about ten pounds.  Now that she is not crate bound, her weight loss goal, should be met in no time, with an active exercise schedule.

Our newest girl Daisy is just about ready to be picked and cherished by a new family.  If you are ready for a new addition, please make sure to get your application in quickly!