Copper Maxx #3736

Copper Maxx #3736

Age: 11 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

A sweet senior soul that came to GRRMF when his medical issues became too much for his family.  Copper adjusted well to his first night in his foster home.  He explored the outside thoroughly and when he was too hot, he came inside to check out all that was inside.  Copper was also introduced to his new canine sibling, Oliver, who is a lot smaller than Copper, but that didn’t matter he loved him just the same.

Copper loves to play with stuffed animals and bones. He will play with them any chance he gets.  This outdoorsy man loves to stroll around the backyard and check out nature.  He enjoys helping foster mom weed the flower beds and feed the birds.  When Copper feels the need for a drink or to cool down, he will turn to the plant water hose to quench his thirst.  Copper is a smart boy and will always alert someone if the water bowl is empty, by finding you and barking.  He will also do this when he needs to take care of business outside. 

Even though Copper enjoys being near his foster mom, he also enjoys his space and independence.  Often Copper will go into another room and find a toy to play with while others are doing something else.  Foster mom discovered the first night that Copper isn’t a fan of the doors being closed.  He was restless his first night sleeping until mom opened the bedroom door and Copper felt much better and went back to sleep.

Copper has adjusted to Oliver and also a cat in his new environment.  He is not bothered in any way by either one, but will give them a warning if they get too close to him or sniff too long.  Copper is also not a fan of the fur kids walking near him while he is eating – he likes to eat in peace.  Copper’s tail area is still healing from some skin infections and he seems to be very protective about that and doesn’t like anyone near that area for too long.

He is a very responsive and obedient boy who aims to please.  Foster mom report that “it is like I trained him – I use the same words I have always used and he responds.”  Copper quickly learned the schedule of the house for bathroom breaks and meal times.  When mom says “Who’s hungry?” Copper’s head pops right up, excited for what is to come.

Everyday Copper is getting better and better and more of his personality is shining.  He is a very sweet and gentle boy who is still playful.  In Copper’s world, age is just a number.  Copper is very good at allowing his meds to be given to help his skin issues and it shows as each day it looks better and better. 


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