Cooper David #3800

Cooper David #3800

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 75 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Update 2/11/20

Look at me?  Aren’t I a cutie pie?  I wonder if my Valentine Sweetheart is out there looking for me….I sure am looking for you!

I am having so much fun with my new life and everyday I am doing better and better.  Mom and Dad like to take me for walks and they are always complimenting me on how much better I am doing walking on the leash.  I used to like to smell EVERYTHING that was in my way, but I have learned that those smells will always be there.  All I want to do is please my humans and wow I get so much more love and praises when we are training and I listen well!!!  I like to take my time eating because I know that no one is going to take my food from me.  I like to eat my food in peace and quiet but Mom and Dad always give me a little pet and tell me I’m a good boy – I like the reassurance!

This past month I have learned so many new things and it has been so rewarding.  Everyday we work on my commands and leash manners and I think Mom and Dad are really proud of me – they always tell me how smart I am.  It really makes me feel good when I hear that, it makes me smile!  When I have to go do my business, I know that if I go to the back door they will let me outside.  Oh and when I am outside, I like to run mini marathons around the backyard! I like to get all my energy out running around super fast.  Watch out squirrels – I am on watch for you!!!  All this exercise tires me out, so when I hear “Let’s Go to Bed,” I beat everyone to the bedroom and lay down – ready to dream about those squirrels and tomorrow’s adventures!

Riding in the car is another one of my favorite things to do.  I like to watch everything that passes by as we drive down the road.  It is always such an exciting part of the day!


Update 1/16/20

Learning that this boy did better as the King of the Castle, Cooper moved to a new foster and has adjusted nicely.  He has figured out that if he stands by the front door, he will shortly get that walk he wanted.  If you are not ready make sure you spell the word or else you will be haunted until you take him out the front door to explore.  Cooper is working on his leash manners as he will pull you from smell to smell as he walks you down the street.  Velcro is an understatement for this golden cutie.  He is attached to his foster dad but mom will do the trick if dad isn’t home.  He always likes someone to have a hand or arm touching him.  Any way that this boy can get the attention, is good enough for him.  He does not like being ignored and will voice his opinion if he feels slighted.   This boy is always happy and has a very go lucky personality!

One funny quirk that seems to be a habit for Mr. Cooper is disappearing after dinnertime.  Once he finishes his meal, he will quietly disappear into the master bedroom and unmake the bed!  He doesn’t rip or tear anything, just messes it all up and pulls down blankets.  Once he is satisfied, he will make his way back to the kitchen.   Look how innocent he looks!

With all the attention that this boy craves, he will do well as the only King of the castle!


Mr. 3800 was lovingly surrendered and had a long journey to his new foster home.  Once there it took him a day or so to warm up and realize that this was his new environment.  When Cooper felt comfortable, he began to open up and his true personality started to shine.

Cooper is a very sweet boy who wants to please and loves attention. He likes to be close to someone and currently is sticking close to his foster mom.  Truly a classic Velcro boy! He is such a lover and seeks affection and praise. Cooper tends to be protective of his new environment and his humans and sometimes get anxious, but he can be easily calmed down once someone pets him.

This handsome boy can be a little quirky and funny and definitely is feeling his oats at his new home.  One thing that makes his foster mom laugh is that he likes to jump up on the bed.  However, this is not to take a rest and chill.  Instead, he will take all the pillows and blankets off the bed and then started to play with them.  Such a funny boy!  Cooper likes to play tug of war and keep away, but fetch isn’t his thing.  One thing, that is a must with this boy, are  indestructible ropes and balls!  He enjoys car rides and going for long walks or jogs.  He definitely seems to be a water boy, enjoying the water hose, but is still a little unsure of the pool. Perhaps when it warms up, he will warm up to it!

Cooper knows his basic commands including sit, paw, and is working very hard with his foster mom on stay and come, although he has been known to sometimes have a stubborn streak.


He loves car rides and going for walks.  If nothing excites him, he walks nicely, but when he sees something that gets his attention he pulls very hard on his leash.  He is a strong boy and just needs training.  When he gets excited, he calms down when he is reassured with having a hand softly on him.  He totally ignores the cat in his foster home but much prefers to be the only dog.

We think Cooper would do best in a home where he is the king of the castle.  He is very loving and loyal and needs to be the center of attention.  Are you looking for someone to be the center of your world and love you unconditionally?  This sweet boy is sure to work hard to make his people happy. With patience and training Cooper will make a wonderful companion for some lucky family.


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