Colbie Frankie #3601

Colbie Frankie #3601

Age: 8 yrs old

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 55 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Miss Colbie came to GRRMF when family dynamics were getting overwhelming.  Her high energy had been challenging with the family’s young children and elderly members.  Colbie is a prime example of the saying, “age is just a number”.   She is 8 years young with a high energy level and love for adventure.

However, just because a dog looks great on the outside doesn’t always mean that all is well on the inside.  One never knows what underlying problems a normal happy “underweight” rescue may have.  Colbie is experiencing some concerns with her bloodwork causing some alarming red flags that could be related to poor nutritional condition or maybe the onset of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Along with trying to stabilize her bloodwork, it is important that Colbie gains some weight and we know that she is absorbing the proper nutrients for a healthy intestinal system.   As we begin to run tests to determine what is happening in her body, please consider donating so that we can get this active girl on the path to a healthy future.


Colbie’s first night in foster was a bit stressful for her.  It took her a long time to relax and was very anxious.  She looked constantly to foster mom for reassurance and was praised in return with lots of love and affection.  Once Colbie realized that she was deserving of that love, she trusted it rather quickly.

A definite Velcro dog, Colbie always keeps mom in sight.  Having not been the “star of the show” for quite some time, Colbie seeks the reassurance that she is loved and appreciated in the home. Colbie has a canine sibling that she plays with and is welcoming of other canines that come to visit.  The dogs can be seen playing with toys together, chewing bones next to each other and enjoying each other’s company.  Colbie lets loose at the dog park as she knows this is her romp around time to play with others and expend her excess energy.  However, she will “check in” with mom to boost her confidence.  Mom states, “She just wants to know you’re still there and that she’s the apple of someone’s eye”.

Colbie enjoys going for walks and being outside.  She uses very good manners while on leash, especially with her Gentle Leader harness.  Daily exercise is so important for Colbie to burn off some of her energy.  They enjoy daily walks and have even conquered a 3 mile hike with no problem!  Another activity that Colbie enjoys is swimming; however her doggy paddle needs some work, as it is not the most graceful.

Tennis Balls, Tennis Balls, Tennis Balls!  Always have a stock pile for this active fetcher.  Colbie’s most treasured toy and she loves to play fetch with you for hours.  She will drop the ball right by your feet in hopes that you will throw it again and again.  She can be found with one always in her mouth or is a detective while outside looking for more in the yard.

Colbie is house trained and crate trained, however mom rarely uses the crate.  She has adjusted nicely to her home and surroundings and is not destructive in any manner.  The only time she is crated is when mom is eating as Colbie is an active beggar.  Around food and feeding times, Colbie does get overly excited, but not aggressive in any way.  This tends to make her foster sibling a little uneasy.  To make everyone comfortable so meals can be enjoyed, mom feeds the dogs separately.

The most noticeable behavior with Colbie is her anxiety.  She exhibits a lot of anxiety when in new homes or around new people.   Her anxiety is manifested in jumping, whining crying and barking at mom or the new person.  This mainly happens in confined spaces as this behavior does not happen at the dog park or on walks.  She doesn’t take a long time to calm down to a new situation but needs a few minutes to soak it all in and needs some reassurance.  Foster mom has found that having people “ignore” her, for the first few minutes, allows Colbie to accept the new person and calm herself down.  The more eager people are to pet her the more it feeds into her excitement.  Also, Colbie seems to calm down a bit if she can run and burn off some energy before people come over – but we know this cannot always happen.

Colbie has a lot of to give and yearns for that love and attention to be reciprocated.  She would do best in a home with no small children or elderly family members as her energy level can be overwhelming at times.  While she does well with other animals, Colbie craves to be the center of someone’s world and getting all the love and attention.  A family with an active lifestyle would be ideal as Colbie enjoys being outside and getting exercise, along with spending time with you.

Don’t let this girl wait any longer for the life she truly deserves!  She needs your help and support so that we can get the medical tests needed to make sure that she finds her loving home soon.