Callie Narla #3686

Callie Narla #3686

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 57 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

After a rough beginning in life, having been surrendered due to her extensive energy and not getting along well with the family dog, GRRMF gained another beauty.

Despite her past, Callie has made a seamless transition into her foster home. She arrived as an insecure, untrusting 7 month-old puppy. Foster mom states, “it has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a fun loving independent young pup.” She is full of energy and wakes up early each day ready to have fun!

What could be better than waking up to a happy girl that is ready to take on what the day brings. She has the softest, creamy white fur with a few golden highlights on her ears and tip of her tail. What a beauty!

Callie is a very playful girl who feels like life is all about fun and games. Mom says, “she does have a quirky side that keeps us laughing!” Callie’s true love are soft, plush toys. Often, she finds it entertaining to see how many she can fit in her mouth at one time. She also likes to relax and chew on a Benebone that keeps her busy.

This energetic girl enjoys her canine foster brothers and always looks forward to playtime with them. When playing, Callie can often be found on her hind legs batting at them playfully. You can always find Callie where the action and excitement are taking place. If she feels that she is being slighted with attention, she will certainly speak her opinion and let you know.

A recent discovery has been made that Callie is a bit of a kleptomaniac – often stealing things that don’t belong to her. She will definitely keep you on your toes so make sure you are up to play her game! Watch out when outside, this pup has discovered that lizards are very intriguing to her. So intriguing that if only there was a sport for lizard catching – this girl would win the gold!

Callie is still a young pup who has a lot to learn and plenty of time to get used to unfamiliar things. Callie is not a fan of car rides and does not like to be brushed and groomed. Patience and dedication to help sweet Callie overcome these aversions will make her feel more comfortable. Good leash manners do not happen overnight, but mom is diligently working with Callie to improve them every day.

This sweet girl wants a family that will enjoy her love and spunk each day. What new adventures can we go on? What new places can we explore? At the end of the day being near to her humans, snuggled close makes the end of a great day even better. Be careful, she can often be found cuddled up in mom’s bed!!!

Callie has lots of sugar and spice to stir into the mix of your family. Let her forever home be yours!


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