Brutus Jon #3894

Brutus Jon #3894

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 50 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Update 3/24/2021

This sweet dude has discovered that he is so much happier when he has furry dog buddies to be with all the time.  Brutus has requested that his new family have at least one dog that he can party with and hang out with on a full time basis.  He was very lonely and scared when he first arrived, after losing his owner and soul mate, but he has come out of his shell with the help of his foster buddies and very loving foster parents.  He feels much safer when his furry siblings are nearby and is patiently waiting for a very special family who will wrap their arms and paws around him and keep him loved and safe for always.


Say hello and send warm wishes to this new fella, who so very sadly lost his home, when his owner passed away.

Needless to say, dear Brutus has had a very tough time after losing his owner. When his loving foster mom first met him, Brutus was so scared, he would barely move.  However, thanks to her kindness and tenderness, he started to warm up right in front of her eyes.  Although he is still timid – he is a very loving and super sweet southern gentleman.

This handsome Labrador Blend is friendly and loves to meet everyone he can to receive some loving – to catch up on what he has missed so dearly.  He needs another dog around and happily follows the lead of his golden foster sibling – he figured out that if she can do it – he can do it.  It is a very special gift when a tentative newcomer can take cues from another dog who is in the know.  Sometimes dogs know best how to soothe one another and that is clearly helping Brutus.  He pays no attention to cats, bunnies and other small animals.  For Brutus, it’s all about people and dogs!

He loves to follow his foster mom to whatever room she is in, but he is also happy to hang out in his comfy cozy dog bed. When he goes outside his personality starts to shine – he is super happy outdoors especially when he rolls round in the grass.

Brutus is learning to trust in his new world. When he gets scared, he plants himself on the ground and relies on his foster mom to coax him that it is safe.  He is learning to trust a little bit more every day and is making great strides.  He knows his name of course and will sit on command.  Belly rubs, walks, car rides, and playing ball seem to be some of his favorite activities and of course, learning from his golden sister.

In his heart and soul, Brutus is dreaming of a ‘for always’ home that has is filled with warmth and tender loving care and a special family who will reassure him that everything is going to be just fine. The icing on the cake for him would be a family dog who will be his furry buddy and show him the ropes.

Don’t worry Brutus, be happy, we’ve got this and GRRMF is busy searching right now for the best new home for you.


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