Brownie Nevada #3866

Brownie Nevada #3866

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary


Update: October 30, 2021

Our shy and fearful Brownie, is coming along nicely and continues to gain more trust and confidence with his permanent GRRMF family.  His family has been so loving and patient with him that he no longer pulls away from them when he is touched and will now allow them to touch his paws. Brownie is still leery of new people but has taken a place on the chair next to his mom when someone new is in the room.

Brownie is enjoying his morning massages and playing tug of war with his mom, dad and fur buddy, Lexie. He is on a medication, Composure, which has made a huge difference in his happiness and playfulness. Brownie loves playing hide and seek (find me), belly rubs, playing with his toys, patrolling the yard and keeping the cats on their toes!  Watch Brownie playing tug of war!

It’s been a long road for Brownie but he is making progress with the support of his family and GRRMF partnering professionals.  His next steps to conquer will be an examination by a vet at his home and hopefully a bath and nail trim. COME ON BROWNIE -WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Update: July 27, 2021

Thanks to our professional trainer and his patient and loving foster family, Brownie has entered our Sanctuary program for continuity of his continued care.   Brownie needs time to feel comfortable in his own fur and has started to gain confidence while in his foster, now forever GRRMF family home.  We recognize the journey for Brownie will be a long one and continue with hope to bring Brownie comfort and confidence to enjoy a quality of life this precious pups so deserves.

Brownie and GRRMF needs your continued support and donations to go towards the many dogs like Brownie in our program who need medical and training assistance.   


Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to thank all my supporters for your continued help!

I’m making progress one step at a time— 
I thought you would enjoy reading my little rhyme.

I take a class and get a pass for working on the mat—
I won’t wear a halter or a leash but soon I will do that!

I greet my foster family with a wagging tail—
And I warn them of strangers coming up their trail.

My fur sister is my steady guide and I’m always at her side—
She is so brave and confident that I’m learning not to hide.

I like the couch in the family room and will even let you sit—
But don’t over pet or touch my paws for you surely won’t be a hit!

I’m not the social butterfly yet that people want me to be—
I need time to gain more trust – in humanity.

I need your support to overcome my past history—
Can you spare a little to help set my sweet heart free?




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