Brownie Nevada #3866

Brownie Nevada #3866

Age: 3.5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Update:  February 13, 2024

Recently crowned King of the Dock, Brownie is making the most of his family’s new lakeside home.

A fully confident golden now, enjoying his life more and more each day, he tolerates the two-hour trip like a champ, and tries very hard to ride shotgun the entire way! The closer they get, the more he insists on having his way – and that view. His main duty, once they arrive, is clearing the property of the resident Sand Hill cranes.

Not only does Brownie love running up and down the dock, he loves wading in the lake. Having never been truly bathed, his lake wading serves as his bath, and his coat remains surprisingly silky, much to his mom’s delight. And should either his mom or dad get out of the car, to open the gate, for example, he promptly jumps in the front seat. Then he follows his dad all around the property, checking in, from time to time, on his mom.

At home, he still plays ball in the house twice a day and jumps into the car in preparation for his daily walk and visit to the dog park. He remains extremely attached to his sister Lexie, so much so that whenever she’s gone or at the groomer, he reverts to locking down on his couch, springing back to life immediately once she returns.

Now, if the meal is tasty enough, he comes up to his mom and covers her arm in kisses – his way of thanking the chef. He also enjoys being petted and massaged in the morning and has greatly improved when meeting new people. An excellent watchdog, he ensures that no one gets through the gate without notifying his parents.

Extra points for “team” Brownie!

Update: November 21, 2023

What is the color of “confidence”?

Where once-bashful Brownie is concerned, it’s paws-itively GOLDEN! Joined at the proverbial hip to his golden sister Lexie, he remains her fondest fan and is happiest being wherever she is. Acing his commands, he has learned, “look at me” and “Brownie, come,” and if Lexie lies down for a treat (his favorites are Nutri-bites freeze-dried beef liver treats), he faithfully follows her example. But the sweetest icing on success’s cake: he now walks so well on leash that he’s much better than she is!

Brownie enters his parents’ bedroom every morning with his tail warmly wagging to start their day with a smile, and he’s now happier than happy being hugged and having his body gently massaged. No longer fearful of loud noises or passing garbage trucks, he gleefully plays ball twice a day, and, with increasing frequency, retrieves it and returns it to his parents. Watch Brownie and Lexie get excited about playing ball!

He now greets the woman he sees at the park, enjoys being petted by her, and due to his increased confidence, he’s much more comfortable when encountering new people. And whenever he hears or spots someone out front, he promptly pads over to the window, tail high in the air, and places his front paws on the sill to show that he’s happy to see them.

On a recent visit to the lakeside home of his mom’s sister-in-law, Brownie spent two hours blissfully swimming in the water with Lexie. But the rest of the time he stayed close to his parents and didn’t venture away from them. When they go out of town overnight now, their neighbor, whose dog passed in August, spends the night, and she commented that Brownie and Lexie were like humans the way they sleep and roll around on the floor. Not only that: she was pleasantly surprised to find Brownie standing in the doorway when she woke up.

Despite being camera shy, Brownie was only too willing to show off how truly photogenic he is by demonstrating how comfortably he curls up in his favorite chair and how daintily he lies on his back in the doorway.


Update:  May 14, 2023

Batter up!!!  You got it, Brownie is a sure hit with his achievements so far this year. Love, kindness and patience has made this sweet boy’s life golden again. With so many dogs that are ill treated or abandoned by humans it is uplifting and rewarding for GRRMF to find homes for these dogs and see their fears turn into joys and their weaknesses turn into strengths.  

When Brownie first came to GRRMF he would lay on a couch, isolating himself from people and noises that scared him.  Taking baby steps all the way, his committed family has loved and nurtured him to reenter the world and feel safe once again.  Although there is still progress to be made, Brownie is now playing ball, taking short rides in the car, wearing a collar and leash and managing to take walks in the neighborhood and nearby parks. Even the neighbors have pitched in to help socialize Brownie with other dogs! 

Hat’s off to Brownie and his loving family – Keep up the wonderful work!  As a well known airline put it . . . “Ding – you are now free to move around the country”, enjoy the journey and the life you so deserve!  We will be looking forward to more successes in the coming months. 

GRRMF is thankful that we can provide this wonderful Sanctuary program to take care of these special dogs, with special needs.  Your donations make this possible and we thank all of our supporters for your love and dedication to this rescue.


Update: December 17, 2022

You’ve come a long way, Brownie!” That’s our slogan when we hear about all of Brownie’s successes with his loving and patient GRRMF family.  From a dog that was too shy and frightened to come into a room with humans, to a dog that lies in the middle of the room and has to be stepped over.  From a dog that flinched when he was touched, to a dog that enjoys being petted and tolerates his mom’s hugs with a smile.  

Brownie is certainly the poster dog for what a difference love can make. He is more confident and relaxed and even signed up to be the family watchdog.  Keeping guard at the window, with his tail high and wagging, he bravely alerts his family to anyone who enters the cul-de-sac. 

This gallant young pup continues to be the perfect gentleman and escorts his best friend, Lexie, to the car each morning. Once she is in the car safely, Brownie returns to his favorite couch and waits for his favorite girl to return. 

Brownie’s new sport is playing ball, which he enjoys as much as tug of war, find me and chasing the cats. He enjoys a good meal and shows his appreciation by giving his chef a kiss on the hand. Brownie has even mastered coming when called – he knows there are some great treats that follow for obeying that command!  His mom reports that “Brownie has gotten so much better when neighbors and service people come to their home. But all holds are barred when it comes to getting brushed!

All in all, Brownie is rocking it in his GRRMF families home; all thanks to the generous donations and support given to the GRRMF Sanctuary program.

GRRMF is thankful that we can provide this wonderful Sanctuary program to take care of these special dogs, with special needs.  Your donations make this possible and we thank all of our supporters for your love and dedication to this rescue.

Update: October 30, 2021

Our shy and fearful Brownie, is coming along nicely and continues to gain more trust and confidence with his permanent GRRMF family.  His family has been so loving and patient with him that he no longer pulls away from them when he is touched and will now allow them to touch his paws. Brownie is still leery of new people but has taken a place on the chair next to his mom when someone new is in the room.

Brownie is enjoying his morning massages and playing tug of war with his mom, dad and fur buddy, Lexie. He is on a medication, Composure, which has made a huge difference in his happiness and playfulness. Brownie loves playing hide and seek (find me), belly rubs, playing with his toys, patrolling the yard and keeping the cats on their toes!  Watch Brownie playing tug of war!

It’s been a long road for Brownie but he is making progress with the support of his family and GRRMF partnering professionals.  His next steps to conquer will be an examination by a vet at his home and hopefully a bath and nail trim. COME ON BROWNIE -WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Update: July 27, 2021

Thanks to our professional trainer and his patient and loving foster family, Brownie has entered our Sanctuary program for continuity of his continued care.   Brownie needs time to feel comfortable in his own fur and has started to gain confidence while in his foster, now forever GRRMF family home.  We recognize the journey for Brownie will be a long one and continue with hope to bring Brownie comfort and confidence to enjoy a quality of life this precious pups so deserves.

Brownie and GRRMF needs your continued support and donations to go towards the many dogs like Brownie in our program who need medical and training assistance.   


Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to thank all my supporters for your continued help!

I’m making progress one step at a time— 
I thought you would enjoy reading my little rhyme.

I take a class and get a pass for working on the mat—
I won’t wear a halter or a leash but soon I will do that!

I greet my foster family with a wagging tail—
And I warn them of strangers coming up their trail.

My fur sister is my steady guide and I’m always at her side—
She is so brave and confident that I’m learning not to hide.

I like the couch in the family room and will even let you sit—
But don’t over pet or touch my paws for you surely won’t be a hit!

I’m not the social butterfly yet that people want me to be—
I need time to gain more trust – in humanity.

I need your support to overcome my past history—
Can you spare a little to help set my sweet heart free?




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