Bombay Aces #3927

Bombay Aces #3927

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 55 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


Update on July 31, 2021  Good news for Bombay!  He’s done with all his injections for heart worm and will be reevaluated next week.  If his tests come back negative then Bombay will be ready to find a forever family that will shower him with love and attention!

Updated on June 11, 2021

It’s amazing what some love and care can achieve!  Bombay has put on 5 pounds and is now at a healthy weight.  He LOVES getting his belly rubbed. When he comes over to his fosters to be petted, which is frequent, he immediately rolls over onto his back with his paws in the air to receive this cherished attention.   Bombay is proving to be very smart too.  He’s learning new commands and is a pro at getting the treats out of a weighted Kong toy.  Bombay would also do best in a home with no children.

Frightened, scrawny and sick.  That’s how Bombay arrived at his foster home.  But Bombay has a fighting spirit and with the help of his loving and doting foster parents and expert medical care, he is on the mend.

Bombay was so ill he couldn’t run; he barely ate anything, wasn’t interesting in playing and knew no commands.  He was diagnosed with heartworm disease which can be fatal if left untreated.  Our partner vets are working with Bombay’s foster parents to insure he is receiving the proper care and medicines he so desperately requires.

Within the first few weeks at his foster home, Bombay’s mom and dad have already noticed an improvement.  They’ve got him eating three meals a day and he’s putting on weight.  They are also working with a trainer to help him overcome some of his hesitations.  He’s starting to learn commands and comes when they call his name!  “We now see him run which he couldn’t when he was sooo sick.  We love to throw the tennis ball so we can see him run and enjoy being a dog.”  His foster mom brags, “He is not shy now and is friendly with strangers.”

Bombay has also discovered squeaky toys and loves them!  He likes it best when his foster dad tosses it into the air, and he tries to catch it.  Bombay is also an expert cuddlier and enjoys being brushed and having his ears rubbed.

Bombay is housebroken and sleeps all night in his doggie bed.  His foster mom says what a beauty he is, “He has great markings, four white paws and a white blaze on his chest.  His tail has a tip of white at the end like a fox!”

Bombay’s journey to full health is just beginning and he’ll need continued care for his heartworm disease.  But with his incredible foster parents, medical professionals and your generous support, he will get there.  Thank you for helping Bombay!


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