Bandit Marsh #3933

Bandit Marsh #3933

Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 30 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

His name is Bandit but with his cute floppy ears and big round eyes he resembles “Dobby,” from the Harry Potter series.  Bandit is a calm boy who likes to follow his foster mom around and watch what she is doing.  He needs a lot of rest right now as he was diagnosed with Heartworm, a debilitating disease that if left untreated can be fatal.  Bandit couldn’t be in a better place than with GRRMF who with dedicated professionals, volunteers and your helpful donations Bandit will receive the proper medication, treatment and training to restore his health and well being.  

Bandit is very thin and needs to gain some weight. He originally weighed in at 28 pounds but thanks to his caring foster family he now weighs 30 pounds.  Good nutrition will be an important factor in helping him withstand the rigors of heartworm treatment.  A series of shots, bloodwork, x-rays, hospitalization, restricted activity, rest and lots of tender loving care will be his life for the next four months or more.  

In addition to his heartworm treatments, Bandit is also receiving professional training provided by GRRMF.  Basic obedience commands, learning to greet new people without barking and overcoming some of his fears will help him gain more confidence and trust. 

In his leisure time, Bandit is enjoying belly rubs, grooming, walks and hanging out with his three canine foster siblings. He’s an independent guy who tries his luck at counter surfing but his foster mom is on it and he is learning that surfing is only done in the water.  His foster mom reports that he is warming up to affection, crate trained, rarely has accidents in the house, good with other dogs and hasn’t been introduced to children or cats yet.

With healing time and training, Bandit will be a wonderful companion for someone. Just like Dobby, the kind hearted elf and loyal friend to Harry Potter, Bandit will be a calm and faithful friend to a loving family that shares their home with him forever.   


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