Why we prefer you work with one rescue at time

Multiple rescues or agency search for a golden

Before you fill out your application – please consider this – Have you applied to another rescue/agency?  Why we prefer that you work with one rescue at a time….

3356SadieDottieEFP smallIt has been our experience that when people apply to more than one rescue group they are usually in a hurry to adopt.  Our process is thorough, involved and not especially speedy.  Each application is thoroughly screened and from start to final approval, at least 7 different volunteers will be involved.    The majority of our volunteers have full time jobs and limited amount of time to donate to us.  Ultimately both of the rescues spend resources and time only to have the applicant adopt from the other organization.  This means time and resources spent which will of necessity delay another applicant and one of our pups will not benefit.

We take the time to thoroughly vet our applicants.  We are proud of the fact that since our inception in 1991 that 98 percent of the dogs we place remain in that forever home.  Our dogs live in homes with foster families, we do not use kennels.  Not only does the pup have a loving home while waiting for their forever home but we can thoroughly evaluate the dog allowing us to make those lasting placements.

Poobah_Thumbnail1We are dedicated to our dogs and finding them the right home.  In addition to dogs available for adoption (and those on the website represent only a portion of the dogs we currently have in foster care) you will see we have a long term commitment to dogs with health issues.  We do not turn down a dog due to ill health but rather will nurse that dog back to full health so they can find the home they deserve.  And we also have our sanctuary dogs listed on the site.  Those are pups who, for one reason or another, are not candidates for adoption.  They will remain with a foster and get the care and love they deserve.  In short we are proud of our organization, our record and our people.

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