Our Patriotic Pups

Look how they've grown!

Remember from last year???

GRRMF is excited to announce the birth of 6 puppies into our family!

Amber had been rescued from Louisiana; HW+, skinny and very pregnant.   Foster mom barely had enough time to turn around before the first little one announced – I’m here!!!

Little Ms. Amber made a patriotic delivery of 3 males and 3 females on June 27, 2021, just in time for the 4th of July celebration!  Our boys are named Maverick, Stripes, and Patriot and our girls are Glory, Betsy and Liberty. These pups are ready to celebrate their independence!

And now 1 year later:

Amber, the mother to all these puppies, has brought joy and happiness to her new family.  Her mom says, “I truly believe the stars aligned when we found each other when we did.  I’m not sure who rescued whom!”


Glory, now called Bailey, is fearless as she plays happily with her new fur siblings. She loves to chase flying bugs and lizards and has a quirky smile that her parents just adore.


Patriot, renamed Bailey Patriot, is a smarty pants and amazes his parents with his intelligence.  He became fast friends with his new fur brother and the two sleep cuddled together every night.


Betsy, now Becky, loves the water. Whether she’s swimming in it or riding on her family’s boat, Becky is in her element. She even fell in the lake trying to bite a stream of water coming out of a hose!


Liberty’s, now called Chika, favorite thing to do with her new parents is weave herself through their legs, making figure 8s over and over. Chika is an incredible gentle and sweet pup who is amazing with kids.


Stripes, renamed Zeppelin, has a peculiar habit of grunting. He makes a long grumbling noise when he’s happy. His parent’s think is cute. Out in the yard, instead of playing fetch, Zep would rather play keep away.


Maverick loves everyone including the family’s cats – the cats may have a different view though. His parents say he has a sixth sense, and he knows when one of his humans isn’t 100%.  He’ll come up to them with a cock to his head and look that says, ‘tell me about.’


Watch for their individual success stories and more fun times in the years ahead!



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