Tips to help you and your dog cope

Tips to help you and your dog cope

Dogs have been sensitive to storms for ages. They can get very nervous, anxious, pant, pace, shake, or a combination of any one the above. The reasons have to do with their heightened sense of smell hearing and feeling.

Hearing – Dogs hear much higher and lower decibels than we do. They can hear thunder when very far away and we have no idea it is coming.
Smell – When lightning cracks through the sky there is ionization that creates ozone. The result of the ozone is a metallic smell. Their noses are their top sense. Out of all their other senses, smell is by far the strongest.
Feeling – Dogs can feel the vibrations from a storm through their paws.
Sensing – Dogs can sense the changes in barometric pressure in the air as a storm approaches.

So it is no wonder long before the storm comes they begin to react. No one knows why some dogs have greater phobias than others, but you can help.

The key is to find a solution that works to help your dog relieve some of the stress that comes along with thunderstorm season. It may be one of the above or a combination.

…and remember, your pup needs a calm human most of all.

Hope this is a better thunderstorm season for you and your dog!