Be a Paw Power Partner for GRRMF

Be a Paw Power Partner for GRRMF

4/3/2018 –  Volunteers are in the process of picking up all the shoes our wonderful donors have given us at the various locations.  They will be taken to our main warehouse where they will be counted and bagged.  We should have our numbers to you by Thursday morning!  We’d like to take this time to thank all our volunteers, friends, family and anyone who so lovingly donated shoes or money to our cause.  Your monetary donations also help towards our medical funds.


3/31/2018 – Paw Power Countdown concludes – We are still counting and are sooooo close to our goal!  Still want to be a Paw Power Partner to help us meet our goal of $1000 for our medical fund?  Your donation counts too!


When our collection campaign ends, your shoes will be cared for by Funds2Orgs who work with different organizations to re-purpose your shoes to help humans in need. Your donation helps goldens and humans!

We want to thank so many of you that have donated shoes from your closets and reached out to  family, friends, workplaces and schools and dropped them off at our drop off locations, events or met our volunteers!!

We have truly special donors:

We especially want to thank our drop off locations who graciously agreed to support our campaign through advertising with their customers and accepting shoes and storing them for us until we could retrieve them!

We have awesome volunteers who tireless drove around the state to pick up, organize and bag each pair of shoes received to get ready for the Funds2Org truck’s arrival next week.

Thank you all for being Paw Power Partners for our goldens in 2018!

Final results will be posted on Thursday.