Meet Summer – Giving Tuesday # 5

Meet Summer – Giving Tuesday # 5

Born with congenital hydrocephalus (an excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain), Summer was surrendered by her late owner’s family.

Blind and prone to walking in circles, she’s now thriving because YOUR donations provided for the medications that minimize her symptoms, letting her live a full and happy life with her adoring adopters. Highly intelligent, impressively adaptable, and endlessly affectionate, she LOVES people and other dogs, hugs, chin pets and ear rubs, running around the yard and soaking up the sun as she naps outside.

Not only does she have a unique way of communicating, she has her own style of zoomies — spinning in circles, with jumps and hops along the way!

Since compassion knows no season, won’t YOU please give future Summers the same chance at LIFE?



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