Fundraiser for Buffy

Fundraiser for Buffy

Update: August 22, 2019

Puppy Buffy update:

Thank you to all of her donors who helped us meet our goal to cover Buffy’s medical expenses. She hopes you will continue to support her sisters and brothers in need, like Lucy and thinks you are all pawsome!

Buffy is recovering very well. She had her sutures removed and was given a MUCH needed bubble bath! She remains on some antibiotics to combat her continued UTI which will be rechecked soon. As she is feeling so much better, she attended her first puppy preschool class. Buffy did really well practicing her sit and acknowledging her name. She was a little nervous about all of the excitability and commotion of the other barking and yapping puppies but foster mom was there to reassure her. She now has a cute nickname too! Princess Money Butt! Why? Because she is the princess of the house and when she used to wear that dreaded diaper, walked like a little monkey.

Through your generosity, Buffy now walks like the princess she is and is matched to her forever home!  

Buffy’s Journey:

Buffy is a special needs puppy who came to GRRMF from a breeder and has an ectopic ureter which means she leaks urine all the time.  She had extensive surgery by a specialist for this condition on Wednesday, August 7th and is starting the healing process, being monitored by her special foster family to ensure the surgery worked as hoped.

Cost for surgery (without after care) was $2800.

Just look at her. If your heart isn’t melting from one glance at her sweet face, keep reading because her story will leave you with a tear in your eye.

Buffy is a smart girl who loves to play with everyone and everything. She’s a true golden retriever: inquisitive, happy, and loving. Her foster mom says, “Buffy is everything that is wonderful about puppies. She is curious, floppy, soft, full of the zoomies, and super silly!” Buffy thinks it’s great fun to explore in her backyard, go for rides in the boat, and doggie paddle in the water. But at the end of an exhausting day of fun, Buffy wants to snuggle up on her foster mom’s lap.

She’s perfect, right? Unfortunately, she was born with a serious medical condition called ectopic ureter. This means that Buffy constantly leaks urine, and the only treatment is surgery. GRRMF  arranged for a specialist to perform this procedure, but it is very expensive and her recovery will be time consuming and costly. That’s why we are asking you to donate today. To help give this sweet little girl a chance at a life without diapers… an opportunity to grow into a happy and healthy golden… the possibility to live a full and joyful life.


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