Foster homes needed urgently

Foster homes needed urgently

Have you given yourself a wonderful gift lately? 

Fostering can give you a much needed lift.  We simply cannot take in the precious souls that need our help unless there are homes to help them flourish.  Goldens help many people that need their gentle ways as we see with therapy work and especially the wonderful comfort dogs seen helping to heal so many in need. Won’t you join us and become an important part of saving a life of a golden?

3394OrionArchieIFPThere are so many positive reasons to foster for GRRMF that we hope you will consider this very critical calling, because if you can help just one rescue, you will be enhancing your life in ways that will touch your heart forever.  You will help a golden re learn trust and to love again. Each dog knows they are finally safe. They give you everything and you will feel their love.  If you already have a dog, they know you love them and they not only don’t mind sharing your attention while your foster is being matched to a forever family, they will enjoy the companionship of a new playmate.

Saving a life is a great feeling and as a foster,  you reap the benefits of a snuggle bug and laughter you will share.  You can warm your heart knowing you will make a forever family’s life complete because you were a part of the magic that helped your foster feel at home.  You are sure to make new friends along this journey. The adoptive family at times enjoys staying in touch with foster mom or dad. Your life will be enriched by those that you meet.

Are you afraid because you might fall in love?  We love all our foster dogs!  Imagine that giving is why we do it.  Fostering is a gift to yourself, the dog, the forever family. It costs you nothing but love, food and understanding. We take care of the rest. You also have the flexibility of necessary life balance like going on vacation and a foster partner caring for your foster. Read a testimonial from one of our special fosters who wanted to share the gifts they found by fostering.

Give yourself a gift today by completing a foster application.

Your reward is priceless!