2017 In Memoriam

2017 In Memoriam

The Gate  – by Dee Webber, GRRMF adopter and friend

No matter how old, how sick, and how tired,
No matter how many tears you have cried,
I promise you, now, that your puppy runs free
And shares in the love that he gets now from Me.

And, on the day when you’re ready,
He will patiently wait,
Till you walk up the path,
To meet at the Gate.

Heaven stands ready,
No matter the date,
You will find that he’s waiting,
For you at the Gate.


In memory of our dogs who went to the Gate in 2017 and in honor of their GRRMF forever families who rescued them and filled their lives with love.

Tim and Faith Alford – Emmy
Rick and Barb Anson – Lily
Donna and Michael Auger – Mattie
Pat and Dan Barrick – Addy
Ed and Shonna Bender – Brandi
Danny and Keith Bennett – Ginger
Jo and Mike Bennett – Kirby
Sandra Bennett – Diamond
David and Wendy Bowers – Dale
Linda and Tom Buckley – Promise
Lynn Darcey – Ricco
Karla Dodson – Cindy
Ash Dovel – Max
Debbie Drapo – Autumn
Debbie Drapo and GRRMF Family – Jessy
Carol Forsberg – Ruby Too
Regina Foy – Peggysue
John and Julie Gaudette – Sadie
Lyda Graser – Murray
GRRMF Family – Trina
Marcia and Jason Grundorf – Nala
Barbara Durham and Keith Hollister – Ripley
George and Jonell Hall –  Charlie
Sandy, Roger and Rachel Harbour – Jake
Caroline and Marty Hardin – Buddy
Vanessa and Dan Hardy – Cookie
Nathan and Katie Hatcher – Bentley
Linda Hawk – Max
Linda and Ron Helm – Eve
Ray and Pat Hentze – Lani
Lyn and Barry Holliday – Jillian
Jan Jennings – Chelsea
Stacy Klemetti – Ivan
Cheryl Knodel – Savannah
Kathy and Al Krasinski – Muffin
Bob and Christy Lancaster – Bo
Darrell and Angie Laxton – Gulliver
Richard and Bonnie Lehing – Whiskey
Susannah Lemarquand – Stokely
Cheryl and Frederick Lipinski – Jake
Darren and Cheryl MacGillivray – Jake
Robert and Connie Madigan – Bella
Tammy Malley – Chase
Bill and Sylvia McClelland – Farley
Vicki Michea – Conner
Ruth Miller – Molly
Joan Muzeni -Sonny
Monica Addleman O’Toole – Wilson
Rick and Cindy Owens – Chopper
Rick and Cindy Owens – Denali
Laurie and Greg Pinckney – Sasha
Charlette and John Quercia – Annie
Jeff and Jennifer Sabine – Molly
Margie and Frank Santino – Luke
Wendy Sarubbi – Joe
Lynn and Ronnie Sharpe – Lucy
Lynn and Ronnie Sharpe – Zoey
Michael and Janice Smith – Cubbins
Rich and Carol Swiss – Emma
Susan and Michael Tucker – Max
Elaine and Richard Vallin – Annie
Elaine and Richard Vallin – Jazmine
Barbara and Robert Williams – Sadie
Leslie and Jim Wisnowski – Max
Rosemarie and William Wood – Savannah
Linda and Jim Zullo – Toby

golden with fall bandana on

You can also see photo’s and tributes of some of these precious angels in our Forever in our Hearts album on Facebook.