Meet Summer – 2023 GivingTuesday

Surviving Surgery to Giving Affection

Surrendered to GRRMF as a surgical emergency when her owner could no longer care for her, Summer is now living the most loved and loving of lives in her forever home.

True to her name, she spreads sunshine, sweetness and warmth wherever she plants her pretty golden paws, and she never tires of showing her family how much she adores and appreciates them. Not only does she love lavishing them with her own abundant affection, she even rubs up against them for the attention and belly rubs that she appreciates and adores.

As bright as a button, she knows all of her commands, and having mastered the fine art of the “puppy dog eyes” look, she’s often rewarded for the effort with her favorite high-value treats. Given her newfound energy, she now enjoys playing with toys and with other dogs and going for long, invigorating walks.

This GivingTuesday, won’t YOU please help us to help all of the other Summers awaiting their own happily-ever-after endings by making a donation to GRRMF?

Your generosity is golden!


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